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A Burning Water // We Can See The Sky From Here
Action Action // An Army of Shapes Between Wars
ActionReaction // The Invisible Sideshow Tour EP
AFI // Decemberunderground
After the Sirens // What I Have To Give...
Against All Authority
// The Restoration of Chaos and Order
Aiden // Nightmare Anatomy
AIR // Talkie Walkie
All That Remains // The Fall of Ideals
Allister // Before The Blackout
Amber Pacific
// The Possibility and the Promise
Anti-Flag // For Blood and Empire
Armor For Sleep // What To Do When You Are Dead
As Cities Burn // Son, I Loved You At Your Darkest
As I Lay Dying // Shadows Are Security
Atreyu // A Death-Grip On Yesterday
Atreyu // The Curse
At The Drive-In // This Station Is Non-Operational
The Audition // Controversy Loves Company
Avenged Sevenfold // City of Evil
A Wilhelm Scream // Ruiner
Bayside // S/T
Before Today // A Celebration Of An Ending
Between The Buried And Me // Alaska
Between The Buried And Me // The Anatomy Of
Bigwig // Reclamation
The Bled // Found in the Flood
The Bleeding Alarm // Beauty in Destruction
Bleeding Through // The Truth
Blueprint Car Crash // Rhetoric of a Marionette
BoySetsFire // Misery Index: Notes From The Plague Years
Boys Like Girls // S/T
Boys Night Out // Trainwreck
Bracket // Requiem
Bullet For My Valentine // All These Things I Hate (Revolve Around Me)
Bullet Train To Vegas // We Put Scissors Where Our Mouths Are
Catch 22 // Permanent Revolution
Cavil At Rest // S/T EP
Richard Cheese // The Sunny Side of the Moon
ClearviewKills // Wrap This Around Your Teeth
Converge // No Heroes
Converge // You Fail Me
// Know Nothing Stays the Same
Coquettish // High Energy Politics
Coretta Scott // Scream & Shout
Crash Romeo // Minutes to Miles
Cue The Doves // Architectures of the Atmosphere
Cursive // Happy Hollow
Days Away // Mapping An Invisible World
Days Like These // Inventure
Descendents // 'Merican EP
Dexter Danger // Hellafornia
Division Day // Beartrap Island
Ellison // Say Goodnight, Sleep Alone
Emery // The Question
Escape The Fate // There's No Sympathy for the Dead
Every Time I Die // Gutter Phenomenon
// The Dirty Sexy Secrets of a Rock n' Roll Lifestyle
The Fall of Troy // Doppelganger
The Forecast // In The Shadow Of Two Gunmen
Forever Changed // The Need To Feel Alive
Foreverinmotion // The Beautiful Unknown
From Autumn to Ashes // The Fiction We Live
Gatsby's American Dream // Volcano
Glass Casket // A Desperate Man's Diary
Glory Of This
// Adoration
Halifax // The Inevitability of a Strange World
Hawthorne Heights
// If Only You Were Lonely
Heavy Heavy Low Low // Everything's Watched, Everyone's Watching
Hellogoodbye // Zombies! Aliens! Vampires! Dinosaurs!
The Higher // Histrionics
Hell Promise // Aim For Hell
Home Grown
// When It All Comes Down
The Hope Conspiracy // Death Knows Your Name
House of Fools // S/T EP
Houston Calls // A Collection Of Short Stories
I Am The Avalanche // S/T
I Can Make A Mess Like Nobody's Business // S/T
The (International) Noise Conspiracy // Armed Love
It Dies Today // The Caitiff Choir
It Dies Today // Sirens
Louis James // So Unreal
Jet Noise // Angel With A Black Heart
June // If You Speak Any Faster
The Junior Varsity // The Great Compromise (re-release)
Kill Verona // Trauma
The Killers // Sam's Town
The Killing Moon // A Message Through Your Teeth
Lamb of God // Sacrament
The Legion of Doom // Incorporated
Lorene drive // Romantic Wealth
Mae // Destination: Beautiful
The Mars Volta // Amputechture
The Mars Volta // De-loused in the Crematorium
Jonah Matranga // There's a Lot in Here
Dave Melillo // Talk is Cheap EP
The Morning Of // Welcome Change, Goodbye Gravity
Mustard Plug // Masterpieces: 1991-2002
My Hero Is Me // Helen of Troy
The Myriad // You Can't Trust A Ladder
Near Miss // Testing The Ends Of What They'll Put Up With
New Found Glory // Coming Home
The New Trust
// We Are Fast Moving...
Norma Jean // O' God The Aftermath
Norma Jean // Redeemer
The North Atlantic // Wires in the Walls
Number One Gun // Celebrate Mistakes
The Only Children // Change of Living
On My Signal // Exit Parameters
Over It // Silverstrand
Paperface // The Legend Of Harley Knowles
Park // Building a Better ____
Paulson // Variations
Peaches // Impeach My Bush
Plain White Ts // Hey There Delilah EP
Portugal. The Man // Waiter: You Vultures!
The Proposal // Remember To Forget Me
Punchline // 37 Everywhere
Remembering Never // God Save Us
Rise Against // The Sufferer and the Witness
The Rocket Summer // Hello, Good Friend
Rookie of the Year // The Goodnight Moon
Rory // We're Up To No Good, We're Up To No Good
Roses Are Red
// Conversations
Roses Are Red // What Became Of Me
Saosin // Translating The Name
Saves The Day // In Reverie
Scarlet // This Was Always Meant To Fall Apart
Screeching Weasel // Kill The Musicians
The Secretary // S/T EP
Secret Lives of the Freemasons // This Was Made To Make You Dance
Self Against City // Telling Secrets To Strangers
Silverstein // 18 Candles: The Early Years
Skyline Awake // Fight Your Route of Identity
The Sleeping // Questions and Answers
Social Distortion // Sex, Love, and Rock'n'Roll
Socratic // Lunch For The Sky
The Sound of Animals Fighting // Lover, the Lord Has Left Us
The Sound of Animals Fighting
// The Tiger and the Duke
Southcott // Flee The Scene
The Spill Canvas // One Fell Swoop
The Spores // Imagine the Future
Straylight Run // Original Demos
Straylight Run // Prepare To Be Wrong
Strike.Fire.Fall // Still Life
Taking Back Sunday // Louder Now
Taking Back Sunday // Where You Want To Be
Ten In The Swear Jar // Accordion Solo!
Thrice // Vheissu
Thursday // A City By The Light Divided
Thursday // War All The Time
Time In Malta // Alone With The Alone
Tokyo Rose // New American Saint
The Track Record // S/T EP
The Transit War // ´┐ŻAh Discordia!
Transition // Get There
Trivium // The Crusade
Tyler Read // The Light, The Glass, The Transparency
Underoath // Define the Great Line
Unearth // III: In The Eyes Of Fire
The Used // In Love and Death
Veda // The Weight Of An Empty Room
Veil Maker // Do Not Be Afraid...
Versus The Mirror // Home
Waking Ashland // Telescopes
We Are The Fury // Infinite Jest
The Weakerthans // Reconstruction Site
The Westmark // S/T EP
Wired // Your First Time
Words Away // These Past Weeks
Yellow Second // Altitude
Yesterdays Rising // Lightworker
Zao // The Fear That Keeps Us Here
Various Artists\\
American Red Cross // Saving Lives... Comp
Takeover Records // 3-Way Issue #2