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One Eleven Records
1) The State of How
2) Typical
3) Kind of Like Chloroformity
<< 4) D�j� Vrooomier >>
5) Doin' Lines of Conga
6) Tonight I Just Don't Care,
I'm Having a Candy Dinner
7) Nice Planet.  We'll Take It.
8) Your Will or Whatever
9) The Adventures of Me and Me
10) It's On Se�or... �Go!
11) Hey                          
part i. Hey, Wire!
part ii. Hey, Jonathan Parker...
part iv: Hey, Malpass, Why
         Are We Dropping Things?
12) Everybody Stabbed Me and
It Didn't Even Hurt
        Rory, One Eleven Records' rebel yell band of brothers, has whipped us up an album definitely worthy of a nod. Following the modest but crucial success of their debut EP, they went to work on a full-length that, at the very least, I was excited for. Enthused by a blend of raw punk intensity with relentless pop hooks concocted with a smoothness almost completely unmatched by fellow members of this band's generation, I was interested in seeing where they planned on going with it.
         From the very start, it is clear to see that this album is not at all a large departure from their previously released work.
We're Up To No Good, We're Up To No Good serves perfectly as a worthy extension of its much briefer forerunner.
         Rory's musical style is an interesting thing to observe�their songs reach down to punk roots that lend a solid foundation of ecstatically unprocessed passion, but each breakdown or chorus is taken to a new level of complexity that few would expect from a sound that initially seems so rudimentary. As the album progresses, a band you wouldn't expect much from besides some distorted power chords and a catchy chorus finds newer and newer ways to surprise you, be it through an orchestra accompaniment or riffs more intelligent than the average barrel of punk rock.
We're Up To No Good, We're Up To No Good is a rare jewel born in its own rough, worthy of anyone's ears. While they may throw their apples farther from the tree with their future releases, this particular has a line you can sing along with on every single track after just one listen�a rarity not to be passed over.
R.S. '06
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