I first heard House of Fools when they toured with Tokyo Rose, Socratic, and Searchlight earlier this year. Due to confusing advertising and a venue mix-up, there were maybe 20 people at the little cafe where the show took place, including the baristas. This was great for me, since I was taking photos, but everyone else was understandably bummed. One of the other bands didn't seem that into making the best of the situation--after something happened to one of their amps in the middle of a song, they walked off without a word. House of Fools, however, put on a great show. They were all into their set despite the low turnout (which I think shouldn't have any effect on a band's attitude whatsoever). And besides being the subjects of some of my favorite photos, I was impressed by what I heard.
        The North Carolina-based six piece churns out track after track of wonderfully folksy but powerful forest rock (you know, the sort of stuff you'd think would be playing when you walk around a forest) and the only trend I can associate them with is Drive Thru's trend of signing awesome bands lately. The band is refreshingly original and much more adroit than most rock groups these days. Their sound is like a really delicious layer cake: each layer--guitars, keyboards, drums, vocals, bass--can stand on its own, and will do so sometimes, but put together, the layers combine into an unbelievably satisfying and self-complementary product. Each song on House of Fools' self-titled debut EP is complex, rich, and pleasing to the ears and the heart. My favorite is the first track, "Live And Learn," which is a good one to listen to if you're still skeptical about whether or not you'd like the band. Within its five minutes, House of Fools beautifully showcase their typical sound, which is really anything but typical. It goes from being piano-laced and haunting to danceable and more upbeat and back again, and should be evidence enough to sway the doubtful into considering House of Fools one of their favorite bands.
        The EP is available for $3.99 in mp3 form through their Purevolume or $5 on the Drive-Thru site. Trust me when I say it's outrageously underpriced and that you should take advantage of such a great deal. House of Fools has made sure that they've made your money and listening time well worth while.
A.A. '06
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