I guess it would be really easy to overlook this rather modest band. Besides the beautiful album cover and website art, Lorene drive doesn't seem to like to flaunt itself, although they do briefly mention being a Purevolume featured band on their website. Romantic Wealth is their first full length album, released on Lobster Records with ten tracks total, thirty-seven minutes long. And while other bands seem to go all out on promotion, trying to shove the material in anyone's face, Lorene drive has been very reserved about their debut CD. There's a little link for ordering the album on Purevolume and the band's website, but not much else.
        Lorene drive plays a very melodic yet danceable type of rock. Yeah, that was a pretty general statement. I would say they sound most similar to Eighteen Visions on their last two albums, but there are plenty of differences. There's a lot of post-hardcore and metalcore influence on this CD; you can hear lots of guitar lines, which are stunningly beautiful in their own simple way, that contain pinch harmonics and dropped heavy chords. If you are someone who would love Glassjaw if they weren't so psychotically straight-edge or My Chemical Romance if they weren't so ridiculously mall punk, then Lorene drive should definitely be in your bag, baby. If you are someone who loves It Dies Today and Killswitch Engages' singing parts, Lorene drive gives you that 24/7. And if you love heartbroken angry slurs with a fine sense of melody that make you want to dance, yeah, Lorene drive is your thang.
        Well, there is nothing more I could really say. If you actually read the last paragraph you should know by now if you would like Lorene drive. But if you need more convincing, let me say that this is not music for virgins. Whatever that means. But seriously, buy the CD, it can't do you any harm, because what you are getting is great music with plenty of biting and chugging, great melodies with soulful and honest singing, plenty of wit, a little bit of obscenity, and all in all a great package.
C.L. '05
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Lobster Records

1) God Knows I Love You Kid
<< 2) Let It Go >>
3) So Easy
4) A Kiss Won't Make This Better
5) A Song In The Key Of Sex
6) Kill Your Lover
7) Lip Service
8) Change Of Occupancy
9) Some Kind Of Love
10) For The Rest Of Us
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