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Rocketstar Recordings

Chamber #5
2) Brass Knuckle Nightmare
3) Venom, Vice & Valor
4) Arsonist
5) The New Black Death
6) Time Bomb
7) Vengeance
8) Black Winter
9) Upon The Mouth Of Thieves
10) Shotgun Romance
        What�s black and black and full of awesomeness? If you guessed Rockstar Recordings release of Aim For Hell by Hell Promise, then you are 132% right.
         This CD is full of so many things that I don�t know where to start. First and foremost this is perhaps one of the finest metalcore CD�s that I�ve heard in a long time. For those who don�t know metalcore, for me, it�s when you have metal riffs including a double kick with the screaming of a hardcore type band. For those of you who want to know via the combination method, think of mixing 3 Inches of Bloods with Evergreen Terrace.
         The definite highlight of this CD is The New Black Death. The opening is so hauntingly slow then it just takes off and kicks you right in the face. While the screaming on this song is good, the definite highlight of this song is the impeccable drumming and guitar. Anyone who knows anything about metal knows that the double kick is perhaps the most tiring thing to do, and it�s very nicely done here, and the switch between the fast and more melodic of the guitarist shows a very accomplished guitar player, someone who really practices at his craft.
         The real true surprise about this band is that they are capable to do all of this with only three members in there band. It�s very easy for a punk band to play a three chord song with only three members. But to see only three members in a metal band such as this is shocking. The fact that the guitarist is also the lead singer lends to the fact that he is truly a great guitarist.
What truly makes this CD great though is the mixing. When ever you have such complex guitar work with such fast drumming it can become really tedious to accurately match the two in a synchronized manor. The mixing of this CD is what truly separates it as great CD instead of just a normal one.
         Perhaps the only thing that I can say that�s negative about this album is that in a few of the songs the drums get washed out by the guitar and the singing. In my opinion the drums are what separate a non-metal band and a metal band, and since I�m such a huge fan of the double kick, it annoyed me that some of it was drowned out. That�s the only thing I can find wrong with this album, and it�s very minor.
         This CD is so finely made that the production could very easily carry this CD into the favorites of almost anyone. Then you add the fact that the people making the music are actually talented in the genre they are in, it just propels the whole CD in the area of fan-freakin-tastic. So buy it, it�s some of the finest metalcore that I�ve heard in a long time..
N.B. '06
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