I'm going to make this to the point, because I can not, for the life of me, think of any foreplay to start up the review or any clever ways to pussyfoot around the issue at hand: the new Bigwig album, Reclamation.
         The first song sounds exactly like I expected Bigwig to sound, which is awesome if you like Bigwig (which I do)� pretty sneaky, Bigwig. The rest of this album is much more diverse than their previous effort,
Invitation to Tragedy (which came out five years ago; seriously guys, where ya�ll been hiding?).
         There are some songs like �Follow the leader� that make me believe Tom (vocals/guitar) has pulled out
Ride the Lightning while looking for inspiration as of late; whereas, songs like "Last song, last call" sound like they are reverting to the good ol� days of a younger Bigwig.
         The point is: if you like listening Bigwig, you will surely like listening to (at least some of) this album. I don�t like it better than
Invitation to Tragedy, but I definitely like it better than 60% of the bands I have seen get over-hyped and basically tossed off by "the scene" in the last year.
J.C. '06
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10) Hold On Fucker
11) No Thought, No Spine
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