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Pt. 1

1) All These Things I Hate
(Revolve Around Me)

Seven Days
Pt. 2
All These Things I Hate
(Revolve Around Me)
2) My Fist, Your Mouth, Her Scars
        America’s reception of Wales’ Bullet for My Valentine has been iffy. For us in the hated States, BFMV sounds like a blend of Atreyu and Taproot with riffs that evoke (but don’t rival) It Dies Today’s and In Flames.’ And put a major emphasis on “melodic.” Not even the poser hardcore kids endorse this band.
         All These Things I Hate is divided into part 1 & 2, sold separately: the first track on both discs is the title track, which appears on the LP
The Poison. The second songs are “My Fist Her Mouth Your Scars” or “Seven Days,” both excluded from the LP.
         Each disc is about $10 on amazon.com. And that is for two songs. If you buy both parts, you paid $20 for three songs. And if you bought
The Poison, you won’t need the first track.
         Obviously the sales scheme is questionable. Plus, “All These Things I Hate” is a terrible song. It sounds like Story of the Year collaborating with Trapt. The melody sounds like something Amy Lee from Evanescence would sing if she had a sex change.
         The second tracks, however, aren’t bad. “My Fist Her Mouth Your Scars” and “Seven Days” are better than many of the tracks in
The Poison. OK, the riffs and beats are somewhat cliché and the vocals aren’t amazing, but let’s not set standards high.
         Either way, the only reason anyone should buy these three songs for twenty bucks is if you’re a die-hard fan of BFMV. Really, really die-hard fan. For those of you who thoroughly enjoyed
The Poison, just hope that Trustkill decides to combine the two off-album tracks and sell them for cheaper.
C.L. '06
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