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Pt. 1

1) All These Things I Hate
(Revolve Around Me)

Seven Days
Pt. 2
All These Things I Hate
(Revolve Around Me)
2) My Fist, Your Mouth, Her Scars
        America�s reception of Wales� Bullet for My Valentine has been iffy. For us in the hated States, BFMV sounds like a blend of Atreyu and Taproot with riffs that evoke (but don�t rival) It Dies Today�s and In Flames.� And put a major emphasis on �melodic.� Not even the poser hardcore kids endorse this band.
         All These Things I Hate is divided into part 1 & 2, sold separately: the first track on both discs is the title track, which appears on the LP
The Poison. The second songs are �My Fist Her Mouth Your Scars� or �Seven Days,� both excluded from the LP.
         Each disc is about $10 on amazon.com. And that is for two songs. If you buy both parts, you paid $20 for three songs. And if you bought
The Poison, you won�t need the first track.
         Obviously the sales scheme is questionable. Plus, �All These Things I Hate� is a terrible song. It sounds like Story of the Year collaborating with Trapt. The melody sounds like something Amy Lee from Evanescence would sing if she had a sex change.
         The second tracks, however, aren�t bad. �My Fist Her Mouth Your Scars� and �Seven Days� are better than many of the tracks in
The Poison. OK, the riffs and beats are somewhat clich� and the vocals aren�t amazing, but let�s not set standards high.
         Either way, the only reason anyone should buy these three songs for twenty bucks is if you�re a die-hard fan of BFMV. Really, really die-hard fan. For those of you who thoroughly enjoyed
The Poison, just hope that Trustkill decides to combine the two off-album tracks and sell them for cheaper.
C.L. '06
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