The New Trust, indie rock short song geniuses. Their debut EP, We Are Fast Moving Motherf*ckers, We Are Women And Men Of Action, was originally a six track self-released EP, but was quickly picked up by Slowdance Records, in which the band got the EP re-printed with 8 tracks. They sell this EP for only $5, which is a monstrous deal for everything it packs in. The only way to describe their music, in my mind, is that it's music in any weather. They have straightforward drums, a constantly leading lead guitarist, with pulsing bass guitar, and rythm guitar to accompany bass and carry the music shortly and quickly forward. Their longest song is about two and a half minutes, but that's all it took to get me hooked. "All Things Are Moving Towards Their End" was the first song I ever heard by The New Trust last spring, and I've seen them live every chance I've gotten since. Each song completes the previous, remains true to its own style, gets to the point and moves on within a few minutes time.
         The Velvet Teen's Bassist, Josh Staples, heads this band, photographer Sara Sanger, Benton Falls frontman Michael Richardson, and the best chocolate chip pancake chef this side of the world/drummer Julia Lancer, but that shouldn't make you interested to listen to them. What should interest you is the fact that they play songs that you wish you had thought of, but didn't. They fit into any crowd, hold true to their sound, have straight to the point and beautifully sung lyrics, and are some of the friendliest men and women you'll ever meet.
         Check them out, see them live, tell them Colin sent you. Listen closely to the lyrics and scream them with your windows down when they deserve to be. There's no point in me breaking down each song and individually describing what I think it means or why it should be your favorite song on the EP, because to be honest, the only person who knows what any song really means is the person who sat down and wrote it. Just listen to them, and email me telling me what you think of them.  Not that all opinions and beliefs don't matter, but mine aren't important enough, and shouldn't be when it comes to your personal taste in music. However, I will say this. The New Trust is your new favorite band. It says so on the sticker on the EP's plastic wrap.
C.B. '04
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1) This Invitation Has Meant The
World To Me
2) Don't Even Get Me Started On Jebus
3) All Things Are Moving Towards
Their End
4) Crashed Out
5) I Thought We Were Getting Together
<< 6) I'm A Sucker For Backwards Drums >>
7) Live Like You Mean It
8) When The Bombs Go Off