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Trustkill Records
       These days we've been seeing a continuous stream of melodic hardcore bands, and you'd think we'd be pretty damn sick of them by now. So why is the debut album by Roses Are Red, Conversations, so entrapping? Because even if the band hasn't accomplished a new or unique genre, what it has accomplished is taking the genre and throwing together a damn good album.
         The band's been touring with Underoath, which is a great match, as Roses Are Red's sound is a version that focuses less on the screamo appeal and more on the melodic undertones. Roses Are Red is right at home on the Trustkill roster and brilliantly blends its hardcore energy with dazzling guitar. The tracks aren't as uniquely catchy as those by more mainstream groups like Taking Back Sunday or My Chemical Romance, but there isn't a boring moment on the whole ten-song record.
         I decided that "White and Gold" was most likely the best song on the album. Then I got to track two and suddenly I didn't know what to think. Each song is tightly screwed together, obviously the result of long and hard work spent putting the record together. While the songs aren't as rough or hardcore as some scenemates, the band has found a way to amp up the harmonic attributes without sacrificing any of the hardcore energy. This element alone makes the album an impressive listen.
         The guitars meld together excellently, with the lead guitar floating enchantingly over the powerful rhythm riffs. Bass and drums flood each track with the type of energetic style that most other bands find themselves falling short up. The vocals fit the style perfectly, and although Vincent's vocal style isn't totally distinct, it stays enjoyable to hear track after track. The piano contribution made by Vincent to several of the songs adds to the band's sound.
         "Conversations," the closing track, makes sure you don't let the band fade. While some of the other tracks do start to blend into one another without much distinction, the incendiary riffs and catchy vocal hooks of the last song grab you by the collar and make sure you're paying attention to a song that leaves you wishing for just one more track.
         If you're getting tired of the melodic hardcore styles of today's scene music, you may want to look for something other than this album. But if you're willing to dive into another display of just how good this type of sound can get, Roses Are Red is a band more than ready to impress. This CD isn't leaving my personal listening rotation anytime soon, and it definitely belongs with any hardcore cult favorite.
R.S. '05
<< 1) White And Gold >>
2) I Felt I Knew Her
3) Time Signals Progress
4) Oceans
5) I Apologize
6) 12:34
7) Silver Linings
8) 300 Motion Pictures
9) You And Me Both
10) Conversations
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