To say that �Ah Discordia! is a great new album by The Transit War coming out today, January 10th, would not be entirely true. If you're a devotee of Orange Peal Records, you've seen The Transit War play a show you decided to drop in on (because you're one of the lucky people that lives in the Bay Area, California), or you've been a fan of the band since their creation in 2001, then you should already know that this �Ah Discordia! is a re-release of the original from 2005. This version has a bunch of videos of the band, pictures, and other enhanced CD features, including the official music video for "Kerosene." If you haven't caught on from my tone already, I am very much of the opinion that anyone who missed out on this album last year should promptly pick up a copy. Not only is there a lot of neat new material you can taunt your '05 �Ah Discordia!-owning friends with, but you'll be rewarding yourself with a solid, fun album from a band who really knows their stuff. And so I restate myself: �Ah Discordia! is a re-release of a great album coming out today, January 10th.
        "We're Sleeping Better Now," which might just be my favorite song on the CD, starts things off with a bang. It's strong, an awesome choice for a starting track because it's tied tightly together by the supercool guitar part that you first hear at the beginning (or whatever technical term there is for that� it just sounds good). The really lovely thing about The Transit War's three-part vocal harmony is that it's unconventional--not just the usual progression of thirds with an occasional fifth or whatever thrown in. The melody offsets, rather than mimics or clashes with, the instruments, which is something you can hear more of in "Beakers & Bunsen Burners." While the songs may not be as radio-friendly as, say, Relient K's (with whom The Transit War shares a producer), they're just as worthy of your attention-even if 89.5 K-EMO doesn't say so outright. Take "A Brighter Green," for example, a spirited song about traveling coast-to-coast, or "Mayday," a frantic and fast-paced track that's tied for my favorite with "We're Sleeping Better Now" because of its fantastic chorus. Having put 5 or so years into coming this far, this band doesn't seem to feel a need to prove themselves; they know they're good, and you can really hear the enjoyment and passion with which they play.
        "Discordia" serves as the quiet before the storm before the album launches into "Kerosene." Cheerful-sounding at first, a more careful listen will reveal that it's actually really spiteful. The copy of the album I have is one of the originals, but I'd love to see how the music video for this song is. (I'd also love to have the talent to mask anger and bitterness under poppy power chords.) "Wild Nights & the Aftermath" is seamlessly woven and catchy despite its departure from the normal song pattern of verse, chorus, verse, chorus, bridge, chorus, chorus. Finally, "Hey, Get a Load of that Stained Glass Window" leaves you on a hopeful note--or at least with the echoes of
�Ah Discordia! resounding relentlessly through your head. It's actually a rather inappropriate title for the CD, as nowhere on the album do you hear any sort of discord or unenjoyable noise. All the same, it's a great investment for someone looking for a really well-built album with fun bonuses to boot. And if you're that someone� well, today's your lucky day.
A.A. '06
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Wild Nights & the Aftermath
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Stained Glass Window
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