I still remember over two years ago to the last chance I got to see The Movielife play. Each date on the tour was only five (American) dollars a head, The Honorary Title opened up the show, and TML put on an absurdly wonderful show at what turned out to be their last Ohio date. A couple of weeks later, the band called it quits and went their separate ways. Their guitarist, Brandon Reilly, went on to form Nightmare of You; meanwhile the TML front man, Vinnie Caruana, went on to create I Am The Avalanche.
        I Am The Avalanche is, in a handful of ways, very close to that TML sound we all grew to love. This is probably more than anything due to Caruana�s distinct voice thanks to his most likely black, smoke-stained lungs (also see: Matt Skiba, James Dewees). There are also several songs on the album such as �New Disaster� that were obviously written with TML in mind and simply passed over to IATA after the breakup, but don�t be fooled. This avalanche is hardly a false alarm; it will swallow your house with your family inside. They live up to their name with a debut album made up of more enormous guitars, heavier drums, and more post-grunge rock than you can shake a stick at. From the anthemic crowd-favorite �I Took a Beating� to the larger-than-life five minute album closer, �My Second Restraining Order�, the album delivers all that and a bag of chips (chips made of hate crimes and distortion, that is). While the album should be thrilling, it failed to excite me to the full extent since I had already seen them live twice by the time I heard it, and (if I may start getting real) they blow this album out of the water when they play. If you take my word for it and pass up any chance to see them play, you are foolish, and you are not welcome here. Point is� if you miss The Movielife, you will probably like I Am The Avalanche. If you don�t know who The Movielife is, you will probably still like I Am The Avalanche. If you don�t like I Am The Avalanche, you probably need to listen to a little less Coldplay.
      As for the future, the next show that I am set on going to is The Honorary Title with Nightmare of You in the opening slot; however, once NOY has ended their run on the tour, none other than IATA is filling their spot. Funny how things work out, huh?
J.C. '05
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3) Murderous
4) Green Eyes
5) I Took A Beating
6) Wasted
7) Always
8) This Is Dungeon Music
9) Symphony
10) Emergency
11) Clean Up
12) My Second Restraining Order
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