To be honest, I�m not quite sure why I�m reviewing a Screeching Weasel album.  I�ll be the first to admit that I�m not the foremost authority on Screeching Weasel, and I�m pretty sure that just about everyone in the world knows whether or not they are going to buy this album. I could probably just copy and paste the lyrics of the Queers�E�Ben Weasel�Ehere, and you�d go away with the same opinion as if I�d written a review.
        So why am I doing this review? No clue.
Kill the Musicians is a collection of re-mastered and re-designed re-releases, originally released in 1995. With tracks from 7-inches, split EPs, compilations, and live shows, this CD provides you with 31 tracks of Screeching Weasel Goodness. Aside from that, you get liner notes from Ben Weasel himself, Mike Park (Asian Man Records), Matt Smith (Strike Anywhere), Matt Skiba (Alkaline Trio), and producer Mass Giorgini. The little space not taken up by liner notes is crammed with pictures of the band from throughout the years it was together, including exactly 11 pictures of peoples�EScreeching Weasel tattoos.
        Screeching Weasel has become a punk rock institution, playing straightforward, no frills punk-pop, that hasn�t forgotten that it is, first and foremost, punk. In a musical climate currently dominated by bands who do nothing more than rip off new wave bands from twenty years ago, it�s refreshing to pop this into your CD player and listen to a band that ripped off a punk band from 30 years ago, and did it with style. This CD even has a couple Ramones covers, and even a cover of "I Can See Clearly".
        Between the massive amount of music, the liner notes and pictures, the low price, and the massive amount of music, it�s pretty hard not to justify picking up this CD. In closing, I�d write something clich�Ehere about Screeching Weasel, but listening to this CD for the past few hours has made me decide to just say screw it, you fucking shitwad.
L.B. '05
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Asian Man Records

1) Kamala's Too Nice
2) Punkhouse
3) Fathead
4) Good Morning
5) I Need Therapy
6) I Think We're Alone Now
7) Something Wrong
8) This Bud's For Me
9) I Wanna Be A Homosexual
10) She's Giving Me The Creeps
11) I Fall To Pieces
12) Selena
13) Radio Blast
14) The Girl Next Door
15) Achtung
16) Judy Is A Punk
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