The last time I listened to New Found Glory was in 2002, when the 5-piece pop rock band released their album Sticks and Stones and pretty much had their video "My Friends Over You" on MTV every day. Four years later, I sit here listening to their new album Coming Home not noticing too much of a change in style.
        Jordan Pundik's voice still has the same nasal-sounding feature and the group still plays with the same type of guitar lineup: one rhythm guitarist who pretty much seems to play power chords with muting variations throughout and one lead guitarist who plays different riffs to add something more to the song. I thought maybe four years after releasing their Billboard Hot 100 album
Sticks and Stones the band would have changed their style or developed more... Coming Home doesn't show much of a development.
        I mean, sure, the group has matured in its lyrics--instead of writing about heartbreak and young love, Jordan seems to have started to write about understanding and working together (I mean he
is married now...)--and in its ability to make music that has meaning, rather than just making catchy music to get onto MTV. But despite these minor changes, the pop-punk quintet hasn't strayed away from its original melodic music, which maybe will be a reason that the group won't be getting that many more new fans.
        Although their music hadn't changed too much, I seemed to be impressed with the group's inclusion of piano and female backup vocals in a few of their songs, like "It's Not Your Fault" and "Boulders," respectively. The band certainly continued their talents in making catchy songs in
Coming Home with the songs "Hold My Hand" and "When I Die."
        New Found Glory definitely puts forth 13 consistent songs on
Coming Home, giving listeners an all-around good album. I'm thinking that in another four years, though, if New Found Glory puts out another album, I'm pretty sure that there won't be that much change. So if you're not a New Found Glory fan right now, don't bother buying any of their new albums because they'll all sound the same.
K.H. '07
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1) Oxygen >>
2) Hold My Hand
3) It's Not Your Fault
4) On My Mind
5) Coming Home
6) Make Your Move
7) Taken Back By You
8) Too Good To Be
9) Love and Pain
10) Familiar Landscapes
11) When I Die
12) Connected
13) Boulders
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