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Trustkill Records

1) These Days
2) Failing
3) Giving It All Tonight
4) Show Your Eyes
5) The Last Time
6) Bring Me Down
<< 7) Remember Me >>
8) Running Out Of Time
9) Just Say The Words
10) What Became Of Me
11) Where I've Been
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        (This album not to be confused with What�s Left of Me, by Nick Lachey.)
         Roses Are Red's Trustkill debut,
Conversations, received mixed reviews (for one, read the one Robby wrote for this site). While the quartet's melodic post-hardcore sound was nothing special, there many sweet moments that were distinctly impressive. Other parts were a bit lackluster or unpolished. What Became of Me is much more consistent, to say the least. There are several other aspects consumers should know about this album before buying.
         First and foremost, a significant style change. Towards the lighter. The pop-punk feel in this album overpowers the post-hardcore feel. "Show Your Eyes" is reminiscent of the newer Ataris material, and Vincent�s voice does sound like a less raspy Kris Roe. Fans of The Audition, Fall Out Boy, and dare I say Jimmy Eat World might find this change of sound much to their liking.
         Second, the vocal work is much more refined. The melodies are delicious and never static. Several songs in
Conversations were jarring because the vocal line wouldn�t leave the higher range. This album has smooth and catchy pop hooks. The vocal work is perhaps the greatest improvement that the band has made.
         Not to say the instrumentation is lacking. While Roses Are Red isn't well known for virtuoso musicianship, there are many great guitar parts in this album. Sometimes I find myself air-guitaring and it's kinda embarrassing. "Remember Me" has some great soft guitar work over a static bass line. This is another improvement this album offers over
What Became of Me is not a bland pop-hook collection though. There is depth to the lyrics that flows with the music. Again, the lyrics aren�t exactly Robert Frost but I�m confident in their honest and expressive qualities.
         And in case you didn't hear me the first time: the post-hardcore aspect is really downplayed in this album.
Conversation's final track has no counterpart in this album. There are fewer punches and thrashes in this album, replaced with a much more pensive yet nevertheless energetic sound.
What Became of Me is going to be successful in broadening RAR�s fanbase. While Conversations was trapped in the mold of being just a lighter release by Trustkill Records, this new album, set to release next month, might be a move towards the more encompassing forefront of rock.
C.L. '06