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Trustkill Records
        Not being a fan of the metalcore scene and having little knowledge any metalcore bands, reviewing a CD with "THE NEW FACE OF METALCORE" pasted across the cover didn't seem very promising. And in all reality, I wasn't looking forward to it. But, a few minutes into the CD, I was blown away. Pounding growls, heavy riffs, and deep lyrics seems to outline what It Dies Today is all about--the music, which is what some bands seem have lost interest in.
         The band first saw its roots in August of 2001, with Nick Brooks, Mike Hatalak, and Steve Lemke. Mike and Steve were pounding on guitar and Nick was on lead vocals, with an original bass player and drummer who are beyond my knowledge. They toured for three years before picking up some new faces and signing to Trustkill Records. The new faces include current drummer Nick Mirrusso and current guitarist Chris Cappelli, while former guitarist Steve Lemke took over on bass. The band was finally complete and their debut album,
The Caitiff Choir, was released on Trustkill September 24th, 2004.
The Caitiff Choir is a tough blend of hard, fast metal, with melodic vocals and deep growls. The first few tracks draw you in, but the tracks farther into this CD are what truly make this CD great. The track "A Threnody For Modern Romance" is what made me realize that these guys knew their instruments´┐Ż and solos, I couldn't believe it--original metal solos! Sure you can hear some solos still around today if you really want to sit through the pain of The Darkness' new album for a ten-second solo buzz, but this stuff was rare. This in itself shows you that these guys stick to their true metal roots. Another of my favorites from this album is the track "Freak Gasoline Fight Accident." This track is just brutal. You can tell from the very opening that this song could tear your face off. Fast guitar riffs and pounding double bass, and the deep screams coming from Nick's gut make this song one of my favorites.
         This album was one of the best metalcore albums of the past year, and seeing no other metalcore band looking to lead the genre into a new direction, will It Dies Today step up to the plate? I would strongly advise--no, Im telling you now, go out and buy this CD. You will not be let down. And if you would rather see them live first they will be touring with Eighteen Visions, Roses are Red, and Misery Signals for the next year (a show not to be missed) and are also confirmed for Hellfest. It takes something special to change a person's view about an entire genre of music, and these guys have it. You can expect to hear It Dies Today for a long time to come.
J.K. '05
1) My Promise
2) Severed Ties Yield Severed Heads
3) The Radiance
4) The Depravity Waltz
5) A Threnody For Modern Romance
6) Marigold
<< 7) Freak Gasoline Fight Accident >>
8) The Caitiff Choir: Revelations
9) Our Disintegration
10) Naenia
11) The Caitiff Choir: Defeatism
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