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Indianola Records
1) This Featuring Gave Me Wings
<< 2) Senior Superlative >>
3) Loose Lips Sink Ships
4) More Often Than Not
5) Fragile House Of Cards
6) Uncomfortable Silence
7) Flip For It
8) Sway With The Structure
9) Circle Yes Or No
10) Famous Last Words
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       Glory of This's debut album, Adoration, is for all those kids who say they would like Finch and the Used if both bands would edge up a bit. The band's embittered scream sound, dancing throughout each song with powerfully emotional vocals, fits well with the current scene.
        Track one, "The Featuring Gave Me Wings," starts out a bit rough. This song didn't start appealing to me until it hit a little later on when the singing started. Listening to this song is an instant reminder of Finch's sound, just with a bit more of a bit to it.
        The second song--"Senior Superlative"--is very quickly likeable with a guitar lick reminiscent of Atreyu starting it off and a sound akin to Matchbook Romance. The screams on the song aren't anything groundbreaking, but they blend well with the driven guitar riffs and help to sustain the mood.
        "Loose Lips Sink Ships" is a hard song with a touch of individualism to its opening tone; however, the song takes a long time to move on from this tone, and after a few minutes, you feel ready to move on to a new track.
        "More Often Than Not" is s good song to show that Glory of This is not too typical. While at times the band does fade into the normal sound of the today's scene, Glory of This is overall a rather innovative weilder of harmonic guitar sounds and power-packed vocalwork. "Fragile House of Cards" puts more emphasis on the band's ability to create melody with guitars and vocals. A damn good song, this is a good one for those who aren't big fans of hard screaming. "Uncomfortable Silence" does a good job of combining the band's harmonic and heavy talents. "Flip For It" is in most ways a great song, but isn't anything a lot of bands haven't already done."Sway With The Structure" is another good one, but after a while you realize it sounds like a few other songs on the album. The record consistently has great songs, but none that shake up the rest of the tracks. "Circle Yes or No" does have a fairly unique drumbeat and the opening guitar differs from much of the rest of the album, and it maintains a lot slower than the others even when the screaming makes a return. The basslines in this song flow real well and the vocals get to be almost similarly to... Third Eye Blind? Maybe I'm just nostalgic. But this is a fairly unique track on the album nonetheless. "Famous Last Words" is an even more unique closer, and while it is definitely an interesting sound--complete with piano--it's an odd way to end an album with a very different feel. If you like pretty much any band with screams, this may be a good record for you. Do consider, however, that the poppier you are, the less likely you are to be into Glory of This's sound. Personally I enjoy it, despite the occasional repetitivity. Out now on Indianola Records, they're a band to catch hold of now.
R.S. '04