Considering it's only five tracks long, Infinite Jest packs quite a punch. We Are The Fury are making themselves known with a ferocious intention, and it's pretty wild. If you were going to base your expectations for a band's sound on their name, then We Are The Fury isn't going to disappoint you. A quick countdown and the album starts off with a rocket´┐Ż"Better Off This Way" showcases gritty guitars that slice into aching vocals, the whole thing coated with harmony. Background vocals create beauty from chaos, while basslines and drumbeats keep you on the edge of your seat. Like I said, pretty wild.
         What's so remarkable about the band's style is that their sound is so raw and edgy, but the whole thing is very intelligently put together. The band plays a lot with intervals of peace and emotion within a chaotic atmosphere. While you may hear verses that are rough rides just barely clutching to a musical format, the choruses are stunningly gorgeous. Sometimes it will be the other way around. Another incredible factor is that piano is used to support both these qualities, instead of being reserved for the quieter moments, making this record one of the most versatile uses of piano that I have heard in an album.
        After hearing this, I immediately thought to recommend it to my friend whose favorite bands include Hot Hot Heat, My Chemical Romance, and Gatsby's American Dream. She seems to be just as into it as I expected, so if you're into comparative reviews, there you go. I really think We Are The Fury has their own thing going for them, though. The songs all have the intensity and edge of stripped-down rock, but the full sound and smart arrangement of a modern production band. I'm a fan.
        The first three tracks are definitely the best... the last two weren't quite as impressive, but you're kept at a fairly consistent level of excitement the whole way through. The band manages to develope and play with a very unique and energy-infused style in just five tracks, but I was still very disappointed that there wasn't more to listen to. With so much accomplished in less than half a dozen songs, a full-length coming out sometime in the future will no doubt blow everyone away.
R.S. '06
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