There are no surprises on TBS� third album: this is their signature sound, plus a lot of pressure to create an album to rival 2004�s Where You Want to Be. The single �Make Damn Sure� already reveals that the band changes little on this album.
        That�s somewhat true. �Make Damn Sure� is a great song, and also the song on this album that most resembles the last album. Alongside it are stellar tracks such as �Liar,� featuring a jazzy intro & verse coupled with a heavy, passionate chorus. �Up Against� is another catchy TBS style song: catchy hooks, short repeated riffs, and dual vocal work.
        On a whole this album is the heaviest of TBS� career. The opener, �What It Feels Like to Be A Ghost,� already preps the listener to prepare for the constant bombardment of low-end distortion on the album. The rest of the album keeps high intensity through inconsistent, heavier riffing.
        Personally, I think this album lives up to
Where You Want to Be, although I have high doubts that it will have the same critical success. There are plenty of problems, such as the lyrics (�Miami, Miami, goddamn me�?) and mediocre parts such as �Divine Intervention,� an acoustic based song that can�t compare to the last album�s acoustic �New American Classic.� �Twenty-Twenty Surgery� is sort of an awkward song, with a dark subtle verse that molds into a brighter, somewhat childish chorus.
        Other aspects of the band, however, improve. Adam and Fred�s vocal skills broaden: in certain parts, they sing raspy, they moan, they whine, and drabble in ways that any other singers wouldn�t be able to pull off.
        If you weren�t a fan of Taking Back Sunday before, this album isn�t going to change anything. Fans of
Where You Want to Be have a good chance at satisfaction, though I wouldn�t guarantee it. Tell All Your Friends fans, not sure what applies for you.
C.L. '06
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1) What It Feels Like To Be A Ghost
2) Liar (It Takes One To Know One)
<< 3) MakeDamnSure >>
4) Up Against (Blackout)
5) My Blue Heaven
6) Twenty-Twenty Surgery
7) Spin
8) Divine Intervention
9) Miami
10) Error Operator
11) I'll Let You Live
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