I always feel so unaccomplished when someone comes out with an album where all the instruments and vocals are by them, plus the production and recording and mixing and what not. I taught myself to play "Happy Birthday" on the recorder today, but who feels threatened? Certainly not Brendon Thomas, whose second release under the name Foreverinmotion is streaming in fantastic invisible acoustic ribbons from my speakers. Way to hoard that musical talent, Brendon Thomas. Keep playing your ten-or-more instruments and putting songbirds to shame with your tenor magic. It's not like I'm jealous or amazed or anything.
        From the first spoken word to the last carefully chosen note, this album sings of Thomas' deep commitment to his work and high standards. There�s nothing sloppy about any part of his songs--every aspect, every instrumental line, every lyric has been carefully handcrafted and stunningly brought to life. In a style reminiscent of The Lyndsay Diaries, Sherwood, or The Spill Canvas, Thomas� songs tell stories set to beautiful piano arpeggios and carefully plucked guitar lines, with a tambourine humbly keeping time in the background.
        You may be thinking to yourself, "How much can someone do with a couple of acoustic instruments and his own voice?" If you are, rest assured that this album will fully vanquish your doubts. Although he may not have the almost-guaranteed catchiness of that new-wave-electronica sort of bug that�s going around, he marks a place for himself above the sellouts and beyond the copycats, bringing to the scene a brand of music as refreshing as an early morning walk through the crisp air of mountaintops. From "Ocean Dream," which I might mistake for a lullaby if I didn�t know better, to mini-ballads like "Hot Air Balloon," there�s something here for everyone. "The Rain," is probably the most electronically altered track on the album, but it relies on the heart that is woven into each line--not the cool computer effects--to keep its place as my personal favorite off the CD.
        Thank you, Brendon Thomas. You�re what keeps kids believing that not all music has fallen to the hands of dancecore demons. Your music may not make us want to headbang or tap our toes, but if we want something quiet and fulfilling, we know Foreverinmotion is the way to go.
A.A. '06
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2) Hot Air Balloon
3) Goodnight
4) Open Eyes and the Boundless Sky
5) Flight 268
6) The Rain
7) Twilight
8) And the King Would Say
9) Ocean Dream
10) Turn and Chase the Wind
11) Talu
12) Avalanche
13) Lonely
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