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         BUILDING A BETTER _____
Lobster Records
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1) The Trophy Wife
<< 2) Mississippi Burning >>
3) Who Is Aliandra
4) Angels and Errors
5) A Message
6) Chica Chica
7) La Amoureux
8) Irukandji
9) Intro
10) Hide and Seek
        Whenever a band releases two really solid records, I always worry about their third. Too many bands in the past have exploded into my approval with their debut, done themselves one better with the follow-up, but then give the impression that they're burned out and struggling to find maturity in the weariness of constant touring. It's not that they release bad albums, per se, it's just that when held against the standard set by previous goldmines, the songs just don't stick well enough or seem personal enough to do justice to the t-shirts and posters purchased through love of the previous works.
         This, though? This is everything you love about Park.
On? Amazing. It Won't Snow Where You're Going? Even more amazing. And now, with their third full-length, Springfield heroes Park laugh and say, �If you thought THAT was good... hold onto your hats.�
Building A Better _____ emerges from the ambiguousness of its underscores and catapults into your ears with the eagerness of any debut. Opting for a vaguer title than the original, more amusing Building A Better Pirate, ...a better _____ is wonderfully applicable as this band finds ways to tighten the screws on a ship that had previously seemed so unsinkable. Ladd's unique voice and startlingly, almost abrasively honest vocals weave stories and emotions that seem almost confessionally personal, yet at the same time can become the soundtrack to almost anyone's emotions.
         Park's variety of catchy is theirs alone, crisp hooks and choruses lifted by the addition of back-up vocals that keep your ears flooded. The intricate guitarwork and rock-solid bass and drum set that has contributed to the band's signature style is omnipresent here, and every formula they've ever cashed in on has been reworked and redefined for your listening pleasure.
         If you weren't already a fan of all that Park has to offer, paw through their whole Lobster Records repertoire until you've come to understand why I am so thrilled to see an incredible band complete a trilogy of almost flawless releases. If this seems undeservedly complimentary... go write a better album.
R.S. '06