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Nitro Records

1) Cut The Party To Pieces
2) A Prescription For The Blind
3) The Camera Eye Backbite
4) On The Disclosure
6) This Bed's Meant For Two
7) And Sorrow's Native Son
8) Feeding God To The Lions
9) Removing Ground
10) Fashion The New Black
11) Some Goodbyes Last Forever
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       I must confess; I don�t venture out of my own music genre much. I haven�t listened to anything other than Trustkill, Solidstate, or Metal Blade bands in the past few months. So when Bullet Train to Vegas landed in my To-Do bin, I said, �OK, I�ll get around to doing that, but first I�m going to listen to The Chariot 380,234 more times.�
        Complacency is a killer. Procrastination is a drug. But now I�m clean so here you go: a review for Bullet Train to Vegas�s
We Put Scissors Where our Mouths Are.
        This CD came out spring of 2005 on Nitro Records (Offspring, AFI). Their sound has been classified by Outburn Magazine as �Frenzied Rock.� They also gave this CD an 8 out of 10 score. Which I would say is a fair description. But Robby doesn�t pay me zero dollars an hour to write 400 word essays just to agree with other reviews.
        If I wanted to expand the description of this band, I would say they were �frenzied neo-hardcore with a progressive punk spirit.� Hope that made sense.
        There is a definite heavy side to the band, though not in the contemporary sense. The focus of the album is much more on the treble side. And unlike most bands that don�t down tune guitars, Bullet Train to Vegas manages an intense song based on high notes. The guitar parts are unique in their full-bodied chords and jazzy chord structures. The bass guitar actually balances the lines, and sometimes takes some pretty nice solos. The band takes a rather unique approach to harmonization that hasn�t really been exercised by other bands lately. Or maybe it has and I haven�t realized it since I sheltered myself in metalcore bliss.
        Another noteworthy trait is the vocals. I would say their singer Dan is like the North American variation of Dennis Lyxzen during his days in Refused. They have a somewhat similar way of melodically yelping, so to speak. So if you like Dennis Lyxzen, you might like Dan Sena.
        Overall, the band�s sound is bright and cheerful, in a very chaotic, sinister way. Kind of like the Joker from Batman. Yeah, that�s it: if Bullet Train to Vegas was a fictional character, it would be the Joker.
        So if you were looking for a slow depressing CD to lie around and mope to, not only did you look in the wrong place, you�re also a sad piece of crap. Bullet Train to Vegas is fast, frenzied, and forceful; something for all the belligerent straight edge kids as well as the belligerent drunken kids.
C.L. '05