I first saw Division Day a long time ago and don�t really remember most of what happened. I remember there being at least one beard, buttons with dinosaurs on them, some songs, and a reasonably priced, self-recorded EP. I bought that EP, then forgot about it for a few months. When I finally did give it more than a cursory listen, though, I was pretty blown away. It was the kind of CD you kind of forget you own, then listen to, then smack yourself in the face for forgetting you own it. Division Day became the band I�d mention when I needed to sound indie, or the band whose music I would have put on all the mix CDs I thought about making but never did because I had no friends to give them to.
        Division Day has probably changed a lot since then, but I can�t be sure because I know almost nothing about the band or about music in general. There may be more beards, but again, I really can�t be sure. The sound has definitely become fuller and more layered, often built up on a foundation of drums and/or keyboards, escalating into well-crafted and poetic pieces of musical art poetic things that sound real pretty. While the two EPs seemed a little too music oriented and vocal oriented, respectively,
Beartrap Island has found a good balance between the two, giving equal and much-deserved attention to each. The album has quieter, softer indie moments, as well as louder, almost frantic, post-punk moments, usually in the same songs. According to the part of the band biography I am about to not quite plagiarize, the drums are like Fugazi�s, the bass is like Wilco�s, the guitar is like The Verve�s, and the lyrics are like Leonard Cohen�s. Now you should know exactly what Division Day sounds like, and if you don�t it is because you are mentally deficient, not because I am bad at reviewing things.
L.B. '06
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1) Beartrap Island
2) Catch Your Death
<< 3) Hurricane >>
4) Lights Out
5) Hand to the Sound
6) To the Woods
7) Tigers
8) Dayenu
9) Colorguard
10) Tap-Tap, Click-Click
11) Littleblood
12) Is It True What They Say?
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