Cavil At Rest's self-titled EP seems at first glance to be nothing very significant or worthy of listening time. The band is relatively new on the scene--the EP was released in 2004--and I'll be the first to admit that I'd be more likely to pick up the second or third release of one of my favorite bands than try out something new, a three-song disc from a band I've never heard of. That is, unless I was thoroughly convinced otherwise before making my daily dash over to Smartpunk. And hopefully, the next few minutes of reading will convince you.
        Three songs... but really? This band exemplifies quality over quantity. The EP doesn't waste any time in thrusting you headfirst into the heartwarming sensation that is most often known as "amazing songwriting." The vocals, performed by three members of the four-piece band, convey storylike lyrics, set to sweet, intense instrumentals. The thumping basslines, the intricate drumming, and the guitars' lovingly executed melodies are tightly interlocked in audible rainbows, sort of like if Waking Ashland and Further Seems Forever (a la Chris Carrabba) had a baby, but they disowned it and it was raised by a pack of wolves who were huge Anberlin fans. The band on a whole has incredible range. They can be fast or slow or quiet or on the brink of screaming or softly touching or rockably danceable. The music stuns and impresses from start to finish.
        I'm crossing my fingers and hoping these guys find a drummer soon... To have them break up for lack of one would be a real shame. They've been working hard on a brand new EP despite that, though, and I for one am psyched to hear what they've done in the past year. The only thing we can expect is an even more polish and finesse applied to new material. After listening to their self-titled, I hope you'll be as excited I am, because I'll need a ride to the CD store.
A.A. '05
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