"The future of American Metal," as they are referred to. The mainstream press keeps pushing Lamb of God into the forefront of media. This southern thrash/post-trash band is quite possibly the hugest name in metal these days. Whoopdeedoo.
Ashes of the Wake, the band's 2004 album, struck a chord with their large fanbase and also created a large population of critics. Lamb of God is a band many "true metal" devotees trample on, and will likewise trample you for liking them. I'm sure on any given day of the week someone will glare at me, and possibly stab me, for wearing a Lamb of God shirt.
Sacrament is the upcoming release, August 22. Fans are expecting new expansions and technical takes on groove metal, while detractors await rip-offs on Pantera songs. Two widely different interpretations on the same band.
Sacrament not only expands on trash, it basically expands on the previous albums. While the rhythms aren't much different, driving and consistently developing, the guitarists are trying new tricks. Difficult riffs and such are still included, but be prepared for more layering. They'll throw in spontaneous guitar lines on top, which don't follow the same rhythms but do grab your attention.
        The vocalwork, once described by a fan as "devil-warthog," is also expanded. Try "Requiem," a track with melodic growls. Some choruses are backed by vocals contrasting Randy's baritone snarl.
        This album has many heavier and more impressive parts than
Ashes of the Wake, though there are times where the songs are reduced to chords and simple rhythm. Maybe this is for contrast's sake, but when Lamb of God does simple, it's much more boring than when, say, Hatebreed does simple.
Sacrament isn't going to change anyone's mind. No one's going to listen to this and say, "Wow, I used to think they were lameXcore, but now I think they're baller!" If you already hated Lamb of God, there's really no chance of changing your mind, ever. Fans, however, won't be disappointed. Ashes of the Wake was catchier and groovier, while Sacrament puts more focus on abrasiveness and spontaneity. But it's not as different as you might assume, it's still Lamb of God.
C.L. '06
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1) Walk With Me In Hell
2) Again We Rise
3) Redneck
4) Pathetic
5) Foot To The Throat
6) Descending
7) Blacken The Cursed Sun
8) Forgotten (Lost Angels)
9) Requiem
10) More Time To Kill
11) Beating On Death's Door
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