It Dies Today has an interesting career. Their debut EP, Forever Scorned, set a standard for any metalcore band aiming at infusing a dark melodic sensibility. Problem being, of course, there are about five million of such bands.
The Caitiff Choir was split in personality. One song would be brutal and full of breakdowns, the next would be a sing-along emocore tune. It was a winning combination for many, and in my opinion, the albumís bipolar structure is its making point; it would not have been a good release if it was just one of the fore-mentioned styles.
Sirens comes out October 17th, competing with artists seeking redemption from their previous works (A Static Lullaby and Saosin), artists on quick popularity rise (HHLL and Escape the Fate), and a new Converge album (me = psyched). Coupled by the fact that the advertisements for the album are pretty distasteful (a close-up of singer Nick Brooks, his not-so-hot haircut, and holding a blade to his throat), I get the feeling that this album is going to lose significance on the capital side of things. But Iím not a market analyst so thatís all I have to say about that.
Sirens is another musical realignment for It Dies Today. Itís an even blend of post-hardcore and metalcore. In comparison to The Caitiff Choir, itís also more rhythmically and dynamically consistent; mostly straight chugging, almost no breakdowns. The riffs that Brooks screams over and sings over arenít very different in intensity. This makes for a steady but not quite interesting album.
         This album is not too far from
The Caitiff Choir. I think the band makes it pretty evident that Sirens is its continuation Ėthe title track contains a guitar-lick taken from the ending cadenza in ďThe Caitiff Choir: Defeatism.Ē
         ďSacred Heart (Sacre Couer)Ē is the albumís most prospective single, with its catchy and moving rhythms and melodies. Nick Brookís vocals are the focus of the music, as the instrumentation is pretty basic. He maintains most of his previous style; his baritone growls are still strong and his youthful singing is a stunning contrast. Sometimes heíll do stuff I wish he didnít, like a throaty Dave Peters-esque bark.
         This album is like a heavier version of the latest From Autumn to Ashes, A Static Lullabyís first and upcoming albums, and even From First to Last, though not nearly as lame. If you thought
The Caitiff Choir sucked compared to Forever Scorned, then itís time to wave byeeee to It Dies Today because youíll never like them again. This album probably wonít do as well as The Caitiff Choir; itís not as exciting, and not anticipated enough. It falls a bit short and does away with the contrast that made the previous album good.
C.L. '06
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1) A Constant Reminder
2) A Port in Any Storm
3) The Bacchanal Affair
<< 4) Sacred Heart (Sacre Coeur) >>
5) Damsel of Death
6) Reignite the Fires
7) Black Bile, White Lies
8) Sirens
9) Through Leaves, Over Bridges
10) On the Road (To Damnation)
11) Turn Loose the Doves
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