Peaches is a DIY "electroclash" musician/composer with four albums, the fourth being Impeach My Bush, released July 11. She is also a bisexual Torontonian who now lives in Berlin. If you�re thinking "I�ve never heard of Peaches," I assure you that you most certainly have (do the lines "suckin� on my titties like you wanted me" sound familiar?).
        Peaches has been described as a mix of dance music and punk. The dance part being the cheap synthesizer beats that sound like midi files, and the punk part being the whole "do-it-yourself" babble mixed with the three chord guitar parts that get thrown in once and a while.
        If Peaches was attempting to be more musically intelligent or integrate new fans, she failed at both. This album offers nothing; just the same lo-fi beats so unrefined you have no idea what percussion instrument they try to resemble. Peaches� remarkable lack of interest in anything other than disturbing sexual acts is also painfully obvious, especially in such poetic song titles like "Tent in Your Pants," "Rock the Shocker" (the shocker being, you know, two in the pink, one in the stink), "Slippery Dick," and "Get It" (a title so vague you can�t help wondering how gross it really is).
        The title
Impeach My Bush might suggest that there�s some uber-liberal political tone, but there is no validity in that. Even if there was a single political line in this album, I couldn�t hear it through all the other sick verses. The lyrics make me feel like I�m contracting an STD just listening to them.
        Besides uninteresting beats and droning, stultifying vocals with no sense of melody, you hear little of anything else. Once in a while there�s a guitar line that sounds like the creation of Le Tigre�s guitarist minus two fingers. Other times there�s keyboard work that sounds like...absolutely nothing. This is definitely DIY; if it had involved more than one person to produce this album, I would be truly ashamed of my species.
        However, Peaches redeemed herself on one verse of the last track, "Stick It to the Pimp," which reads, "you wanna stick it, I wanna stick it-- betcha thought I was gonna say in, but I�m not." Well put, because I really did expect her to say "in."
        Let�s be frank, I hate Peaches and I think anyone who respects music should too. Sure bands can be really simple, like the Ramones, Nirvana, and Le Tigre. But
Impeach My Bush is brainless filth that has no purpose except as background music in transgender brothels.
C.L. '06
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1) Fuck or Kill
2) Tent in Your Pants
3) Hit It Hard
4) Boys Wanna Be Her
5) Downtown
6) Two Guys (for Every Girl)
7) Rock the Shocker
8) You Love It
9) Slippery Dick
10) Give'er
11) Get It
12) Do Ya
13) Stick It to the Pimp
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