People often say that all the modern, post-emo, indie stuff all sounds the same. Well, only people with whom the music doesnít click with would ever say that. For people like you and me, we find new and unique things in our music and the scene, because weíve simply acquired the taste or naturally love it.
        The Sound of Animals Fighting totally blows the stereotypes away. It seems almost impossible to nonchalantly group this band into the genres of today. Itís almost hard to call this a band in the first place. First of all, the members are practically anonymous. We do know that the project is a compilation of members from other bands, but the names are not released; instead we get their animal names, like The Walrus, The Octopus, and The Armadillo. Why would they do that? Itís generally understood that the anonymity is for legal reasons, but it does a lot to add to the mystic effect of the project. You can take wild guesses at whoís in it, but itís obvious that itís Anthony Green singing most of it. You canít hide from us, buddy.
        Robby told me to write 500+ words for LPs and 350+ for EPs. I have no idea which this CD is. Itís 34 minutes long, nine tracks total. Interestingly, the album is compiled like Mussorgskyís ďPictures at an Exhibition.Ē There is an overture, a postlude, and interlude between each of the four ďacts.Ē The acts are tracks two, four, six, and eight, and the rest are instrumental. According to CD summary written by Smartpunk, by a guy whose probably as in the dark as I am, this is an actual opera. But thereís spoken words in Act III (Track 6)! Disqualified! Itís only a musical.
        The Sound of Animals Fighting has no peer in the music world, period. They loosely resemble the general direction traveled by The Mars Volta. The instrumental parts are definitely unorthodox, the time signatures are mind-bending, the vocals are volatile and melodic, and thereís a plethora of electronic ramblings. The intro in Act IV recapitulates back to the riff in Act I (yes this album repeats itself, but so does opera so shut up). Lots of impressive musicianship. Even the freaks in Dream Theater might be impressed by some of the virtuoso displayed.
        My problem with this album/EP is the postlude/Track 9. Itís pointless. It sounds like someoneís doing indecent things to a drum machine and recording it with muted treble. I want six minutes of my life back.
        Not only does this CD not fall into any set genre, it canít even be called an EP or album, and this canít really be called a band. Challenge yourself, get this CD.
C.L. '05
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Stars And Satellites
1) Overture
Act I: Chasing Suns
Act II: All Is Ash Or The Light Shining Through It
Act III: Modulate Back To The Tonic
Act IV: You Don't Need A Witness
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