In our age in music, certain sounds create either the stupidest, ephemeral trends or spawns and spawns of similar sounds. Take Hanson--three baby brothers playing cheese-pop. No one ever looks up to that anymore. In contrast, think about how many Eddy Vedder rip-offs have hit us in the past decade.
         Sunny Day Real Estate & companies launched a sound that had similar effects like Pearl Jam: scores of bands tried to sound like them, meaning all of these bands sounded like each other. Some say that Thrice, Taking Back Sunday, and Coheed and Cambria sound the same. To me that�s really stupid and untrue, but there's a point. Lots of these "emo" bands sound similar. Perhaps, too similar.
         Kill Verona of Live Wire Records come from Philadelphia; with 2 EPs and an upcoming CD. They have played with the likes of punk bands like Samiam, Cave In, and Good Charlotte (I just called GC a punk band. Somewhere out there a lynchmob is forming).
Trauma, in short, is a great addition to the genre. If you were looking for revolutionary, mold-breaking new sounds, look somewhere else.
         The sound, in general, is of moderate speed. The chord work is not limited to clich� power chords, and is thick and solid with subtle, thoughtful guitar work, without being overdone. Harmonies are well balanced with steady drumming and strumming. Nice tremolo and delay effects. The instrumentation puts Kill Verona in the hard rock category.
         The vocal work is relaxed compared to the instruments. Wes sings mostly peacefully and plays on slower, pensive whole note melodies. Screams are yelps are absent; just beautiful singing. This band bears a significant similarity to Thursday. In no way am I saying Kill Verona ripped them off, but considering the amount of bands in this genre, its hard to be outstandingly original. Indeed, Kill Verona has a trademark touch (yeah, I do hear a little bit of Hoobastank in it, but it could just be me).
         The standout song, for me, is "Mirror," track 5. It starts acoustic and the melody, although sounding a little Stone Sourish, is sheer beauty (which is something that can't be said about Stone Sour). This is the song that will stick to you the most.
         If you have the chance to see these guys live, I really suggest it. This sounds like good rock show music. If you have a chance to listen to the EP, take it. The chordwork is very pretty and pounding, the melodies are soothing and enjoyable. For fans of A Burning Water, Thursday, Jason Gleason's FSF contribution, and those who would enjoy Straylight Run more if they were heavier.
C.L. '04
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