It has just come to my attention that as of tonight (Monday) this album comes out tomorrow. This is not good news, as I was given this CD something like a week ago, and was supposed to review it. I should probably be doing homework right now, but since this is such a high priority, here�s your goddamn review. That�s right, this review is so important that it�s displacing homework that I probably wouldn�t be doing anyway.
        So, to get the (fairly) obvious out of the way, this is a Mustard Plug album. If the title didn�t tip you off, you may be surprised to find that this is actually a collection of songs (masterpieces, you could say) from the years 1991 through 2002. There are 19 songs, spanning 13 band members and 4 albums. All of these songs have been previously released on other Mustard Plug albums, but supposedly it�s nice to get these 19 specific songs on one disc.
        As far as the music goes, there�s not much to say about it, if only because just about everyone has probably heard Mustard Plug at least once. It�s fairly generic ska-punk that was new when Mustard Plug started doing it, but has since been done over and over to the point of making many people totally hate ska. This doesn�t mean that Mustard Plug is bad, it just means that many people will be sick of hearing this type of music. If Mustard Plug�s style of ska is your thing, you�ll probably have a very good time with this CD, and you may or may not spend an inordinate amount of time jumping around in your underwear.
        As far as the required extras included in any best of compilation,
Masterpieces fulfills the expectations, if not succeeding them. There are a few blurbs about the band written by other such ska veterans as Mike Park and Dan Potthast, synopses about each song, and two music videos. While you don�t get an inch-thick book full of interviews and pictures of tour posters, the CD booklet is worth looking through.
        All in all,
Masterpieces makes a good buy for anyone who hasn�t listened to Mustard Plug and wants to get into the band, or ska in general. The fact that all these songs are found on other albums means all the hardcore Mustard Plug fans won�t really have any need for this album, except to maybe upstage their other Mustard Plug fan friends.
L.B. '05
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       MASTERPIECES: 1991-2002
Hopeless Records

Beer (Song)
<< 2) Not Enough >>
3) Someday, Right Now
4) Mr. Smiley
5) Lolita
6) Go
7) Just A Minute
8) Throw A Bomb
9) You
10) Brain On Ska
11) In Your Face
12) Everything Girl
13) Box
14) Yesterday
15) Skank By Numbers
16) Safe
17) Mendoza
18) We're Gunna Take On The World
19) Thigh High Nylons
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