So Robby gave me this CD and is rushing me to write a review. And that�s not cool, because I don�t get to spend that much quality time with the album. Plus I want a raise on the zero-dollar paycheck. I wrote a not-so-good review for Kill Verona�s Trauma after having it for one night, and after a month I found it to be one of my favorite EPs of all time, constantly putting it into my CD player.
        Words Away is a power-punk (I just pulled that term out of thin air) trio. This is one of those bands that�s very melodic without sounding the least bit poppy. My first thought was Hot Water Music. The singer does kind of sound like Chuck Regan, and the general feel of Words Away�s music is driving, steady, and locomotive.
        Punk today is falling off the edges of pop and ska--two forces which I hate with a passion. Words Away seems to stick to a tradition of power chords and steady pounding, and maybe a touch of emocore. But that�s obviously not the whole story. Since Carroll is the only guitarist in the band, so he must fulfill a position of lead and rhythm. Unlike most one-guitar bands like Alkaline Trio and AFI, the guitarist of Words Away can cover both bases without recording multiple guitar tracks. He flawlessly treads between power chord punches and arpeggio countermelodies.
        The simplicity in the production of this CD really adds to the punk rock feel without taking away from record quality. The sound is very upfront and honest, because it lacks that superfluous digital mastering that too many bands rely on.
        For the same reasons, there are few subtleties in the record. Obviously, one guitar, one bass, and one drumset don�t yield much of a different equation than straight vamping. So if you�re someone who digs heavily orchestrated music... yeah, you might not want to pick this one up at the music store.
        So I guess the body of my review ends here. A 35-minute CD doesn�t equate into a long review. For anyone who likes the simple yet fulfilling, Words Away is a good investment. For anyone who digs the less gabba-gabba-hey type of punk, this record has your name on it. And for anyone just looking for a CD to skate or BMX to, I would also recommend this.
        And for anyone looking for a good time, get your drinking buddies and play beer pong while listening to this CD. That�s going on my to-do list. Yeah, just a suggestion.
C.L. '05
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