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---------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------Featured Releases///
This is one of our favorite features on the site. Every month or so, we feature
the lastest album by a great band and offer a download, a review (usually),
and as an added bonus, a personal song commentary by the band's songwriter, telling you
what inspired the process of writing each track on the record, which we find rather neat.

Self Against City // Telling Secrets To Strangers
Bel Air Academy // Repeat This Over
Boys Like Girls // S/T
Park // Building a Better _____
Sleepaway // S/T
Transition //
Get There
Rookie of the Year //
The Goodnight Moon
So They Say //
Antidote For Irony
Southcott // Flee the Scene
The Never Enders // Air Raid Romance
The Morning Of // Welcome Change, Goodbye Gravity
Tokyo Rose // New American Saint
Dexter Danger // Hellafornia
New Projects///
We took the time to conduct interviews with the frontmen/women of three
active bands who may be better known for their work in previous bands.
It was our hope that fans of the original material would become fans
of these great new projects as well.

Jim Suptic // Blackpool Lights (formerly of the Get-Up Kids)
Stefanie Drootin // Consafos (also a member of Bright Eyes/the Good Life)
Eric Richter // The 101 (formerly of Christie Front Drive)
----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------New Singers///
With several of the bands we'd interviewed having gone noteable line-up changes--
specifically a change in lead singer--we decided to do interview pieces with the
new vocalists and see how they planned to contribute to the band's music.

Saosin // Cove Reber
Estrela // Chelsea Logue
Staring Back // Jason Bradley
----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------Record Label Owners///
Record labels can be a looming force that not many music listeners really understand.
In an effort to get inside the head of some of today's larger and smaller labels,
we did interviews with label presidents to see what went on in that industry.

|| Drive-Thru Records ||
|| The Vinyl Summer ||
|| Fidelity Records ||
|| Cowboy Vs. Sailor ||
|| Genco Records ||
|| Tinted Amber Records ||