Southcott is:
Chris Pennings - Vocals
Mike Sullivan - Guitar, Vocals
Mike Bateman - Guitar, Vocals
Brett Vancott - Bass
John Damiano - Drums
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Where the Tabloids Won't
Find Us

Sin City: Your Bed Sheets, My Legacy
Red Lights and Rooftops
The October Tradition
Lifeboats for High Hopes
Vengeance Isn't the Right Word
Post March Third
We'll Take This Outside, 12:45
Friendly Fire
We'll Take This Outside, 1:17

February 7th, 2006
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Flee the Scene
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| FEATURED BAND: SouthcottLABEL: Rust Records |
For each month's Featured Release, we ask the principle songwriters for the band to provide commentary for each track on the new record. Here, fans are given some insight into the inspiration, creative developement, and recording process for all the songs on the record.
Song commentary for this album by Chris Pennings and John Damiano.

1. Where the Tabloids Won’t Find Us
This song is about dealing with home life after being out on tour for a long time--from anything to friends, girls, jobs, and the band. Little things become more obvious.

2. Sin City
Ever try to get the most out of one night? And then deal with the results?

3. Red Lights and Rooftops
...was by far the hardest song to record. With two old versions engraved in our skulls, it was really hard to break old habits.

4. The October Tradition
Another oldie that we seriously revamped. The original is nothing short of comical; however, I think this version represents us well. It's very controlled, yet explosive.

5. Lifeboats for High Hopes
This song has multiple meanings. My favorite translation is that, well... I'd like to think this song could be the anthem for every day-to-day touring band. Like blending in until something big happens, or like doing wacky stuff in random towns. I mean, this song goes so many places in under two minutes.

6. Vengeance Isn’t the Right Word
We had a lot of fun experimenting with this song. It kind of hurt my brain to leave behind the original way we intended to do this... we all kind of looked at the producer and said "are you sure?" *Laughs* And with no regrets. It was cool to tweak and rock out this one.

7. Post March Third
I'd like to think this is "that" song... the one everyone calls their favorite. But it's not a single or anything. Ladies and gentlemen... "That song"!

8. We’ll Take This Outside, 12:45
From the second this song starts, it just sounds unique. Which is something I've honestly known we've struggled with in the past. We took things the average band would do and, wham! Completly put a lemon twist.

9. Friendly Fire

Anyone who's ever regretted leaving their band.

10. We’ll Take This Outside, 1:17
As a band, everyone's favorite song. This one hints toward our next record!