Tokyo Rose is:
Ryan Dominguez - Vocals, Guitar
Josh Lurie - Guitar
Chris Poulsen - Bass
Tom Roslak - Drums
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1) Spectacle
2) New American Saint
3) Goodbye Almond Eyes
4) The Tin Man Gets His Heart
5) Treading Water
6) Bottle Marked: Caution
7) The Hard Eight
8) A Reason To Come
Home Again
9) I Love You...Too
10) The Hammer & The Nail
11) Meghan Again

October 4th, 2005
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New American Saint
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| FEATURED BAND: Tokyo Rose     |     LABEL: Side Cho Records |
For each month's Featured Release, we ask the principle songwriters for the band to provide commentary for each track on the new record. Here, fans are given some insight into the inspiration, creative developement, and recording process for all the songs on the record.
Song commentary for this album by Ryan Dominguez.

1. Spectacle

Whoever coined the phrase "Love means never having to
say you're sorry," must have never experienced true
love for another person. When pride gets in the way of
remorse and leaves you tongue-tied or at a loss for
words, finding an adequate way to express oneself can
be trial and error.

2. New American Saint

The new American saint is not unique in his efforts to
make his mark or his will to transcend, but is
commended and admired for it. However, his support
system is unique, in its selflessness in providing him
with refuge and encouragement. They in turn, present
another sort of neo-sainthood which often goes unsung.

3. Goodbye Almond Eyes

When a relationship becomes one-sided and one person
continuously gives in efforts to salvage what is left
of a fading love, the courage to give up is sometimes
hard to find.

4. The Tin Man Gets His Heart

Establishing new trust is the most difficult part of
getting over previous betrayal. A lack of faith in
others can lead to feelings of alienation and
defensive behavior. When one is again able to see his
own similarities to those around him, he becomes
willing to open his arms and fill his chest with their

5. Treading Water

Depression can sometimes also effect the people closest
to the afflicted.

6. Bottle Marked: Caution

Spurned by his lover, Dr. Jekyll seeks comfort in a dangerous concoction of volatile liquids...

7. The Hard Eight

"Nine-to-fivers" are society's most under appreciated
saints. They keep the "Machine" functioning and its
gears well oiled. Unfortunately, some become addicted
to this purpose. They push harder and harder to
maximize their productivity by working around the
clock thus, eliminating time for rest and recreation.

8. A Reason To Come Home Again

Being away from the one you love can be hard at times,
especially when it happens with a certain degree of
normalcy.  People ask me, "isn't it hard being on tour
all of the time?" Isnt it hard being away from the one
you love?" Of course, but nothing worthwhile is ever
easy. When you find someone/something special that
makes you happy, you do what you must.

9. I Love You... Too

How do you tell someone who just said those three
magic words to you that you're not sure you feel the
same way?

10. The Hammer & The Nail

When you've blamed everyone but yourself, you may just
find yourself by yourself.

11. Meghan Again

Would you pretend to be someone else to win back an
old love?