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Repeat This Over
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If Life Were As Easy As You,
I'd Still Get Screwed
2) And...Scene!
3) Problem Free
(Is The Way To Be)
4) Walking Away From Your Mistakes
5) Dark Horse and Heroine
6) The Patient
7) My 11 is Your 1:30
8) Waking Up
9) Enough Is Enough, I've Had It With These Snakes
10) Epilogue

November 26th, 2006
For each month's Featured Release, we ask the principle songwriters for the band to provide commentary for each track on the new record. Here, fans are given some insight into the inspiration, creative developement, and recording process for all the songs on the record.
Song commentary for this album by Justin Cutright and Troy Liljedahl.

Repeat This Over was written over the course of our 2 year existance. We had probably 15 or so songs for the album and cut it down to the 10 songs you will be hearing. Half are reworked songs that we had demos floating around for and half are brand new songs no one has ever heard from us before. This album also has a running theme going with it, that makes all of the tracks blend together so once the album is over in your car and it starts from the beginning it does a full circle that ties the whole album together hence "Repeat This Over..."
When writing the songs typically we write all the music for it and then Justin will come up with a stupid title for the song. Troy will then go and write vocals over a demoed version of the song, and then we come up with songs with no relevance to their titles.

1. If Life Were As Easy As You, I'd Still Get Screwed
The title is a reference to a bloodhound gang song and in the demo of this song was a lyric used in the bridge, this was soon changed due to the fact that we didnt want to get sued. This song is about a serious relationship I had with a girl for almost a year. Breaking up with her was one of the hardest things I've had to do in my life and this song is kind of like a reminder to both of us that everything will be alright. And as it turned out, everything was .

2. And...Scene!
This song was originally a poem I wrote about the current
relationship I am in and the idea that things are "meant to be".  It was the first time I placed any pre-existing writings I had and adopted them to a song.

3. Problem Free (Is The Way To Be)
This song describes the aftermath of my previous relationship and how weird and awkward it was trying to be social with someone you had known intimately for quite some time and then pretend the intimate moments never happened."And I do not expect you to put up a fight, were going at it for another night because were doing whats wrong when you know its not right"

4. Walking Away From Your Mistakes
This song probably is the most ironic songs of the album. It was written while Troy was dating a new girl that he had been living with. While he was living with her, his ex girlfriend found him and started chatting with him online. His new girlfriend wasnt having it and told him he couldnt talk to her anymore. So in response Troy wrote this song to take away all of his girlfriends fears. Fast forward to now, Troy broke up with that girl and is now dating the girl that this song is about... You may have to read that a few times to get it.

5. Dark Horse and Heroine
This song was titled this because in the studio while Troy was recording vocals for it our friend chris and I were trying to figgure out what the hell this song meant, and Chris told me that Dark horse is like an 80's refrence to doing heroine. So Hence the name Dark Horse and Heroine. Its not about Heroine though. (Justin)
This song was also written about my previous relationship and how I knew it wasn't always great but ( as I thought at the time) it was what I wanted. Anyone who says they never have doubt in a relationship at some point is a liar so I'm sure just about everyone can relate to this song. (Troy)

6. The Patient
This is another song about doubt in relationships but it is also supposed to be a response to said doubt.  You know there are problems in a relationship when one party expresses doubt and the other has no replay. This is my reply .

7. My 11 is Your 1:30
The title to this song refrence to our old practice schedual. We used to practice at 11am, and I had a very hard time waking up and always showed up late because i was sleeping in. So they would lie to me and tell me way earlier than normal so id make it on time. (Justin )
This song is about a relationship I had with a girl when I went away to college for a year. We had this really weird relationship and even how we started our relationship was really weird. Basically we lived in the same dorm and we chilled one night and fell asleep together in the dorm lounge and the next morning she says "so I guess this means you're my boyfriend". At the time I didn't really have too many friends at my new school and she was cute so I just said "What the hell?"  Anyways, it was all bad and she ended up cheating on me with two guys at the same time. This is one of the many angry songs that arose from that relationship. (Troy)

8. Waking Up
This was one of the first songs we ever wrote as a band, and if your good with digging up old mp3s you will find probably 5 versions of this song. The first version recorded was with some guy we were trying out on vocals, but after hearing him on recording it was soooo bad. We sounded like we had bruce springstein singing for the band, and he sang about some weirrrdd shit like concrete jungles in his mind. And to top it off this guy lived in his car. So waking up the version you are hearing is pretty much making fun of this "unamed singer". "I bet it hurt when all of us ripped you to pieces, did you really think that you were serious", and " I hope you sleep well tonight in the back seat of your car". It made for good song, its brutal. But this guy is still our friend, and has absolutely no idea the song is about him.

9. Enough is Enough, I've Had It With These Snakes
Catch the refrence there? This song is about the long distance relationship between my current girlfriend and I. It's a daily struggle to get though each day without seeing the one you love. And while there are many aspects in this song that are specific to my relationship I think that anyone who has been in a long distance relationship  (and hopefully even those who haven't) will be able to appreciate this song "600 miles, and the radio are my only friend today"

10. Epilogue
This song is pretty nutty and is the ender/tie to the beginning to our cd. If you listen carefully you can hear lyrics in there from other songs on the album

Hopefully as you listen along and read this the you will take the songs in and they will mean more to you. I hope everyone enjoyed, and please please pick up our album Repeat this Over its available everywhere online and in FYEs and Hot topics accross the country, if they dont have it ask them to order it!

Bel Air Academy

Bel Air Academy is:
Troy Liljedahl - Vocals
Justin Cutright - Guitar
Alex Vitelli - Guitar
Daniel Costa - Bass
Chaz Maybry - Drums