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Ladd Mitchell - Vocals, Guitar
Aaron Bickel -
Alex Haycraft -
Miles Logan -
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1) The Trophy Wife
2) Mississippi Burning
3) Who Is Aliandra
4) Angels and Errors
5) A Message
6) Chica Chica
7) La Amoureux
8) Irukandji
9) Intro
10) Hide and Seek
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July 25th, 2006
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For each month's Featured Release, we ask the principle songwriters for the band to provide commentary for each track on the new record. Here, fans are given some insight into the inspiration, creative developement, and recording process for all the songs on the record.
Song commentary for this album by Ladd Mitchell.

1. The Trophy Wife
I had a dream this one time that I had a talking pet squirrel. The whole time I was trying to get the furry fucking tree rat to tell me his name. He was a little bitch about it. Plus he could morph into walls and shit so I was constantly losing him. Finally, I learned his name was Fred. Anyway I wake up go to work blah blah blah. I get home and the first thing out of my girlfriend's mouth is, "How's Fred?" I'm like, "what the fuck is this shit? How did she find out about Fred?" Make a long story short I had been talking in my sleep and kept waking her up so she started feeding me all this crap about evil little monkey tree rats trying to conceal their identity from me. This has nothing to do with the song but I thought it was worth mentioning.

2. Mississippi Burning
I have a friend who lost someone he loved dearly. He lost her in the worst way imaginable. It is quite unreal to comfort someone who is going through that type of thing. You find yourself saying things like, "You'll be fine" or "You can get through this." But in the inside you're secretly thinking, "All right? This whole this is perma fucked!" Nevertheless, you do what you can to comfort them. All you can really do is let them know that your there for them and they have your full support. Attempting to put someone else's emotions in a piece that you're writing has been one of the most difficult tasks I have ever taken on. I think all in all I must have rewritten the vocals a dozen times. In a way, I kind of find myself wishing that I had pushed the lyrical content in a different direction all together. I don't want people going up to my friend saying dumbass things to him about some silly song when all he is trying to do is forget it and move on. However, with the whole ordeal mostly behind I find that I do things a little differently now.  For instance, now when my girlfriend peeks her head out of the bedroom late at night asking me in that smoky sleepy voice to come to bed I wholeheartedly stop what I'm doing (AKA slam my last beer) and oblige her lovingly. You don't know what you got until it's gone.

3. Who Is Aliandra
In a nutshell this is mostly about doing something your not totally proud of but at the same time you've warned the other party involved that this is all it's going to be. Man people get pissed when that shit happens. I've always wanted a pet pig. Like the little pot bellied ones. I'd train it to attack senior citizens. Especially the ones that I get stuck behind in convenient stores buying a fuck ton of lottery tickets. I'd like to strangle the piss out of those moronic dragon turds. Your not gonna win!!! Get it through your thick fuckin skull. You have a better chance of having a massive embolism than winning that retarded trick invented by the state to steal your 5 bucks. Oh yeah...your grand kids think your house smells like old anticipation of the afterlife so fuckin clean it. Dipshits.

4. Angels And Errors
I could totally explain this song... but what fun would that be?

5. A Message
So you have a crush on someone for a while. You go through all the normal bullshit giddiness. Whenever you see them, your chest starts beating like a fuckin train, your palms start sweating, and you try not to make an ass out of yourself but time after time, you end up looking like a douche bag. For some dumb reason I always think up a fantasy involving what that person might be like. How perfect they are so on and so forth. This goes on for a while and then comes the day you learn the terrible truth that that person happens to have a certain same attraction towards you. I do not know how anyone else reacts but it usually confuses the fuck out of me. Why on Earth would they ever be attracted to you? You're ugly, you pick your nose, and no matter what you fucking do you always smell like a delicatessen. So you start hanging out or whatever people do these days and you find out pretty soon that she doesn't really live up to the idiotic delusion you've built up in your mind. Doesn't really mean that they're a bad person but still people are frightened little creatures that what every thing they can't have. As soon as that silly little dream of yours becomes a reality you seem to not want it as much. So that's basically, what this is about. Trying to make someone add up to the fantasy of them in your mind when you know they will never ever meet your bullshit expectations. But its fun as shit to sit back and think "what if?"

6. Chica Chica
I drink to much. I go to bars to much. Usually it's the same 2 or 3 bars I go to. Lately it's gotten boring. You see the same people talking about the same shit night after night wildling their lives away in some bleak establishment that makes a profit off of turning people into obnoxious alcoholics. Drinking the same thing telling the same stories you've heard over and over again. Sometimes in my drunkenness I look around and think about what pathetic little simpletons they all are. But in the end there I am with all of them every night doing the exact same thing they are. Who's pathetic now.

7. La Amoureux
People by nature are fuckers. It vexes me how when you enter a pseudo relationship that you have to play stupid mind games. What's so hard about I like you, you like me. Done deal. In some way the games make a little sense. No one wants something that's super easy. Imagine if you played a video game and won every time. My guess is it would get boring real fast and you wouldn't waste your time with something that takes no effort to play. You'd probably move on to something like Tiger Woods 2005 and end up breaking 15 game pads in the process. But when you finally beat that fucker Jack Nickalaus it feels damn good.  It's a stupid analogy but it applies.

8. Irukandji
I hate cocky people that think they are cute. Trust me ugly people can spot these fuckers a mile away. I just never understood what good looks are good for besides looking at. In a world where the media is constantly  shoving these beautiful people down our throats it's a wonder to me why people have any confidence left.

9. Intro
This was originally a complete song but at some point, we decided to chop it and make it a short little ditty. After hearing the final version I kind of wish, we had kept it in its original form. It's useless to explain the meaning of it when the whole other half is missing. Imagine looking at a naked dude with just balls and no dick. Interesting but totally unnecessary.

10. Hide And Seek
Not a clue man. I threw this bitch together in about 20 minutes. I'm sure I'll figure it out soon though.