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     interviewed by robby sumner  
       Interview with Chelsea Logue
April 13th, 2005
E: Chelsea, when you first started singing for the band Estrela, the group had already accumulated a reasonable fanbase. Were there any fears about how your new sound would be accepted?
Chelsea: Definitely. We knew that some existing fans wouldn't like the new sound as much as the old, but then we knew we would gain new fans and it turns out most of the old fans ended up liking the new stuff.
E: How solid was your relationship with the members of the band before you joined?
Chelsea: I had known all of them for almost a year, so we had grown as friends. We all get along really well, so it wasn't hard for our friendships to mature into brotherhood. I'm the kind of girl who has very few close girlfriends and lots and lots of guy friends, so it works out.
E: What musical experience did you have prior to Estrela?
Chelsea: I've had musical training most of my life. When I was five I started voice and piano lessons, and I got a guitar when I was twelve. Not to mention attending an arts school, I had a solo career for about a year and a half before Estrela.
E: How does the style of your past projects compare to what you play now?
Chelsea: My personal music is more along the lines of acoustic folk rock, with a few twists.
E: How difficult was it for you to adapt your usual musical style to fit Estrela's instrumental sound?
Chelsea: Actually, it was not difficult at all, melody- and lyric-wise. The difficulty came in training my voice to project enough to be heard over their deafening levels during practice. But after a few months of practice, I was able to sing quite loudly.
E: What have you done with the band so far?
Chelsea: First off, we've done tremendous amounts of writing and practicing, and recently we've been touring almost constantly. We've recorded a demo. Not to mention we've been through numerous searches by police while on the road, and tons of auto problems like oil leaks, gas leaks, and engines being put to rest in Indiana. We were stuck there for a while because of that one.
E: What should we be getting ready for from you guys in the near future?
Chelsea: I guess we've all been to first base so far. *Laughs* A lot of touring, definitely . We plan on hitting Cali and NY with Avarice in June, which will be sponsored by Beloved Clothing Co. (www.belovedclothing.net ) And definitely a full length by the end of 2005.
E: Well thanks a bunch... anything left to say?
Chelsea: We are selling our merch off our website and all of our tour dates are on www.purevolume.com/estrela/shows. Thank you!

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