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     interviewed by robby sumner  

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Label - Capitol Records
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       Interview with Cove Reber
April 16th, 2005
E: Cove, you're the new singer for cult favorite Saosin... did you feel that a lot was expected of you when you took on the role?
Cove: A lot would be expected of anyone "taking on a role" like this. So yeah, definitely.
E: Is this band similar to past musical experiences you've had?
Cove: Yes and no. Yes in that everyone I've played with wants to make music their lives. No because Saosin is a band on a completely different level. All these dudes are freaks about music.
E: How do you think you match up as a musician to the other guys in the band?
Cove: We all have different talents and we all play different instruments.
E: So how exactly did you land this job?
Cove: I sent in a CD to Beau.
E: Do you think you have something unique to contribute to the band's style?
Cove: Yes, women's jeans. That's how I roll.
E: How drastically has all this affected your everyday life?
Cove: Yeah, I no longer deliver pizzas. *Laughs* Music has become my life, which is what I have always wanted. No food, 'cause Alex eats it all... no money when we're not playing shows... no car because it caught on fire... but I'm in a band, so that's cool. That's pretty much my life right now and I'm loving it.
E: What do you think has been your favorite part so far about being in Saosin?
Cove: Playing shows where kids go absolutely nuts. They make being in this band so awesome.
E: What's the most important thing that you think existing Saosin fans should know about you, as the new singer?
Cove: I just want everyone to know how thankful I am to them for being so receptive. I appreciate everyone's support. Thank you.