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     interviewed by robby sumner  
Band Website
Label - No Milk Records
MP3 - "Blank"
       Interview with Matt, Ryan, and Max
       December 8th, 2004

Matt Rauch -
Guitar, Vocals
Ryan Baredes - Guitar
Corey Zaloom - Keyboard, Vocals
Andrew Koes - Bass
Max Rauch -
E: So Tourmaline has been together for a little while now and you just recently completed your first major recording--how big a milestone would you say this disk is for your career?
Matt: Well, I think it�s pretty big. For me as a writer I think this is my most complete artistic statement. As a band its our first shout at the world so that�s always pretty cool. I think it's just the beginning for Tourmaline: we worked really hard to get to this point and I think that this is a great introduction to our band but there is so much room for growth.
Ryan: I think that this CD is just the beginning of what people will be able to remember us by.
Matt: I've never worked with such a nice person/producer such as Chris. He made our studio experience unforgettable. I think I speak for everyone with that comment
Ryan: He made recording a CD a lot more fun than I thought it would be.
Max: And his hair is fucking awesome...
E: Have you worked out what to do next, now that the album is done?
Matt: Well... just keep playing--shows, shows, shows�
Ryan: Yes, well, the next step we are going to do is send press kits to radio stations all over the country as well as shopping our CD to labels But the most important thing we are doing is playing shows.
Max: I think we are pretty hopeful that, through shameless self-promotion and a fun live show, our album will end up in the right hands eventually. We are in no rush; we want what's truly best for our band.
E: How good has the local following been so far?
Max: Every show has been better. Our most recent show was really great and we owe it all to those local kids who came out and knew every word.
Ryan: It has been great, I think. The more shows we play, the more and better of a reaction we get from the fans. We had a great show the other night because of the crowd.
Matt: It touches us to see anyone singing the songs or getting into it.
E: What made you decide to stream the whole EP online?
Matt: we wanted to get our stuff out there
Max: Simple. We want kids to know the words; we want it to be heard.
Ryan: Well we figured that if people were familiar with our songs, they would be able to sing along with them live.
E: Do you get to meet together a lot to play?
Matt: We try to practice as much as we can.
Max: When we were getting ready for the studio, we practiced everyday. But during the recording process we took some time off. We are back in the groove of it now though--practice is really so important.
E: Are there still songs you play live that haven't been recorded? Matt: We'll throw something here and there.
Ryan: Every once in a while we will play something different, especially before we went into the studio.
Max: I'd say we have about three to five unreleased songs, some finished, some still in the idea stage. Matthew is a writing machine, so new material isn't really a problem.
E: Do you plan on getting a tour done anytime soon?
Matt: In the summer we plan on being out for a while. Right now I think the most important thing is to establish something on our home front and work from there. We need a big following at home.
Ryan: Yeah, I would say that the only potential tour that we have set is for the summer. We want to build a local fan base here at the home front before we go on a tour.
Max: Well, as I�m sure you know, we are still a fairly new band. We have already ventured into surrounding states on weekend trips, and have had the time of our lives. I�m sure our band will have no problem hitting that road come summer '05.
E: What do you think is the greatest reason for loving your music?
Matt: If I didn�t have music I�d probably die. It�s like breathing for me, or walking. So for survival�
Ryan: I think of us as ordinary people, who play music for the love of it. We are fun people to be around, and the music helps support that idea of fun. We want people to have fun when they come see us.
Max: Music has so many voices; it can speak to you in so many ways. For some reason these songs represent every emotion I have ever felt, from grief, to happiness, to disappointment. Strangely enough, I've never written a single lyric, but I feel those songs deep within my mind, body, and soul.
E: Well, thanks a bunch for doing the interview.
Ryan: Thanks dude for having us.
Max: Thank you!