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     interviewed by robby sumner  
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Label - Tooth and Nail Records
MP3 - "Mouth Like a Magazine"
       Interview with Matt
       September 10th, 2004

Ivory Mobley -
Josh Dies - Vocals
Matt Davis - Guitar
Mike Jensen - Guitar
Patrick Porter - Bass
Marvin Reilly - Drums
John Giddens -
E: Matt, your band Showbread has been around for a pretty long time now... do you think the group has continued along the path you'd perceived yourselves taking when you first started out?
Matt: Well, I actually am not even an original member. I�ve been in the band, like, three years... but watching them, knowing them, and just knowing the story from when I started to where we are now musically� it's where I envisioned it. Spiritually it's just doing a lot. As a Christian band, God's opened doors have allowed us to do things I hadn�t perceived, but I am excited to see what's to come, musically.
E: What's been the greatest reward for being in the band so far?
Matt: Tough question�well, on a musical standpoint, making this new album. It was a blessing to record with who we did and work on it how we were able to, and we're all just really, really excited about the new material. Spiritually� we've met so many people and had so many good talks... last tour I was witness to a friend of mine getting baptized that I�d met on the road. Those kinds of things are deeply rewarding.
E: Do you think that Showbread is a band that can and/or should be listened to even by those who don't share your faith?
Matt: Heck yeah. We make music that's universal. We're all Christians and we make music about what we love, but we definitely think our music transcends people�s preconceived notions of "Christian" music... and raw rock, you know? There are no boundaries for that.
E: What do you think has been the most prominent physical display of the band's success?
Matt: Probably our CD--but it's not even out yet. We have a good track record for touring, and this year at [the Cornerstone Festival] and we played in front of, like, one thousand kids, so that was pretty awesome... but definitely the CD.
E: What was it like transitioning from exclusively being a Solid State band to joining up with Tooth and Nail Records?
Matt: Well, actually, there's no real transition at all. We�re technically on both record labels--it's being released under both, so we get the best of both markets because our CD doesn�t really fit on either label. I guess the label thought so, too.
E: In what ways do you think you're unique from the other bands on the labels?
Matt: Um... well, we're the only band that plays �raw rock,� so we're different from every band ever... *Laughs* No, I don�t know. We�re not really hardcore, and we're not really this or that. We have elements of a lot, so�
E: Are you a band that does a lot of songwriting?
Matt: Yeah, we're fairly prolific, but I guess it depends. Josh usually writes a bunch stuff on tour, so when we get home we do a lot� but the past few months we wrote the record and stuff, and we have kind of chilled a bit.
E: Have there been a lot of shows?
Matt: We just got home from tour and we're going out for eight weeks on the Solid State tour, so we're doing a lot. Other than that, not a ton right now. We'll start nonstop the new year. We were mainly concentrating on the new record.
E: How is the new record different from prior releases?
Matt: Whew. Well, it's a lot better, quality-wise. We recorded with Sylvia Massey Shivy--Tool, System of a Down, Johnny Cash--and she was amazing. And stylistically, we just went broad and no had boundaries. We expanded this �raw rock� we created to make it into basically whatever wanted... but it's definitely a musical journey. Less chaos, more energy� better music. I don�t know� it's good stuff. I like it.
E: How is "raw rock" best described?
Matt: Raw rock is perfect blend of high energy, music, and rawness.
E: Who or what do you owe the greater success of the band to?
Matt: We owe everything to God�that�s a Sunday School answer, but it's true. We work hard, but God opens doors and without Him we're nothing. We have no purpose to go hungry and sleep on floors...but God blesses us and it's worth it. 
E: Well thanks a lot for doing the interview.
Matt: No problem man. Thank you for having us do it.