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     interviewed by robby sumner  
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Label - Fearless Records
MP3 - "Take Me Away"
       Interview with De'Mar
       December 14th, 2004

Tom Higgenson -
Tim Lopez - Guitar, Vocals
Dave Trio - Guitar
Mike Retondo - Bass, Vocals
De'Mar Hamilton - Drums
E: So your next album, All That We Needed, is now slated for release in January on Fearless Records. It's been about two years since you released Stop... what has the band been doing to stay busy between records?
De'Mar: Well, we have done a lot and a lot of touring. That's basically the only thing to do between records--that, and write more songs.
E: Do you usually see a larger or more enthusiastic fan turnout closer to a record release?
De'Mar: Well, not necessarily. We just hope to gain more fans after the record is out.
E: There have been a number of release dates given lately for All That We Needed, and January is promised to be the final call. Do you think that a band can be just as anxious for the record to hit shelves as the fans are?
De'Mar: Oh, most definitely! We recorded this record back in April of '04 and we wanted it out as soon as possible, because we have been touring on the same record for about two years. But it didn't quite work out that way, which is fine--it happens.
E: On the album, would you say you put more focus on highlighting the strengths present on your first record, or were you trying to branch out and strengthen new areas?
De'Mar: I think it was more of just trying to branch out and strengthen new areas. This is record is a lot like the first, but at the same time a lot different.
E: How much time did you allow yourselves to spend in the studio?
De'Mar: Recording wise, I'd say close to a month.
E: Have you been able to spend a lot of time in Chicago this past year?
De'Mar: As a matter of fact, yes! We've have a lot of little breaks here and there between touring that just made life more enjoyable.
E: When releasing a new record, do you find yourselves worried that it won't be as enjoyed by fans as the one prior?
De'Mar: Yeah, for sure. But at the same time I feel like there's no way a Plain White T's fan will not love this. But that's just the chance we take in moving ahead as a band.
E: Do you usually prefer tours where you're more of a headliner, or playing larger shows as a supporting act?
De'Mar: There aren't that many kids out there that know of us. Like, we think everyone knows about us, but in reality they don't. So it's really nice to play larger shows as a supporting act because we gain more fans that have no clue who we are.
E: With all the songs that get written about love and girls, do you think that it's a topic worthy of all the attention?
De'Mar: Yes and no. Yes, because love and girls is a huge thing in most young men's lives, I guess, and it's just so easy to write about... but at the same time, that's all that most bands do write about. I think on this next record you will see that we are trying to write about other things. But what am I talking about? Most of them are about girls. **Laughs**
E: What do you think is the difference between any random hit song and a song with actual substance?
De'Mar: A random hit song these days usually means absolutely nothing and is just so easy to do, I guess.
E: Thanks a lot!