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     interviewed by robby sumner  
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Label - Orange Peal Records
MP3 - "Paper Thin Deception"
       Interview with Ryan
       October 20th, 2004

Travis Tucker -
Alex Ferraro - Guitar, Vocals
Alex Howard - Guitar, Vocals
Ryan Owenby - Bass
Matt Hylton -
E: Ryan, you play bass in the band Motion Picture Demise... has anything exciting been happening with the band recently?
Ryan: The last few months have been very exciting for us. We played an amazing show this July with one of our favorite bands Underoath in Richmond, which was a great experience. We've also released the new EP "Rebuild/Reform" on Orange Peal Records, which has been doing well, and the Japan release of the record is coming out in November with some bonus material, which we are very excited about. A short clip of one of our songs called "The Signal" was featured on the MTV show "MADE" which is also very cool. Other than that we have just been busy working on new material and setting up dates for this December and working on solidifying our plans for the future. 
E: How many chances has the band gotten to tour extensively?
Ryan: Our first chance to actually get out there and tour extensively will be this summer and fall we will all be in a position where it is possible. Our guitar player, Alex Howard, is a senior in high school and will be graduating in June so after that we should be ready to get on the road. As for the remainder of this year we will play as many dates as possible on our breaks from our respective school schedules. 
E: Do you think fans of your influences are sure to be fans of your band?
Ryan: I wouldn't say anyone is sure to be a fan if they are also into our influences. However, I think that many elements from bands we look up to musically are evident in our songs and new listeners will identify with those. It is our hope that new listeners will be open to what we are trying to do even if we aren't a carbon copy of our favorite acts. A band's influences are going to shine through unconsciously in their music but I think we always try to put our own unique elements into each song we write. 
E: Have your tastes in music changed at all since the band was started?
Ryan: Our tastes have definitely changed in the almost two years we've been a band. When we first started playing together we all listened to mainly hardcore/emo/punk bands and that is fairly evident in our early material. Yet we have branched out as far as our tastes go nowadays. When we introduced our new guitarist Alex Ferraro into the line-up he definitely brought a metal element to the table. Obviously our songs couldn't be classified as metal but there are underlying elements from all types of music whether it be hardcore, punk, metal, or just rock and roll in our songs. We all share common ground as far as the bands we are into but each one of us have fairly diverse musical tastes that have developed in recent years.
E: Hailing from Virginia, do you think that your state has the prospect of becoming a more prominent influence on the scene, if it hasn't already?
Ryan: Absolutely. So many great and influential bands have come out of this state in the past few years including Strike Anywhere, Engine Down, Denali, Scarlet, and Mae among others. In my opinion these are some of the best acts to emerge from the scene recently and I think many other Virginia bands are on the way up. A band from our hometown of Richmond called Race The Sun just put out a great record and they seem bound for success. Also other Virginia bands such as Far-Less, Forever in a Day, and Adara seemed destined to make their respective marks on the scene. Virginia, Richmond especially, is a great place to get your start as a band because audiences are always receptive to new sounds and new acts. 
E: Do you think that a fan feels at all affected by where a band is from, if they even know?
Ryan: I think that depends on a number of factors, the most important being lyrical content. Someone can be really into a band that is singing about love, loss, or other issues regardless of where the band hails from. I don't think a listener really deems where the band is from as important if they are singing about a universal issue or something that applies to many people regardless of geography. However if a band is singing about a local, regional, or national issue I think a fan is affected when it comes to the bands geographical roots. Also if a band is from a state or region known to have its own "sound" I think their place of origin is important because fans are interested in seeing if the acts that have come from their area have influenced their music.
E: How do you think musicians can connect with their listeners even without having ever seen them?
Ryan: I think the obvious answer would be through their lyrical content. If a band is singing about something that affects everyone then listeners will be able to relate to them whether they have seen them or not. I feel if a listener can relate to what is being said then there exists a serious connection between the musician and said listener.
E: Is the connection any different when the band's sound is slightly harsher?
Ryan: I don't think that the connection is different directly but it can be interpreted in a few ways. I think intensity in mood or feeling can be expressed whether the band's music is harsh or soft. A message is a message whether it is sang, screamed, or whispered; yet I feel that different people respond differently to each medium. One way to interpret a "harsher" sound would be to conclude that the band is passionate about their art and full of intensity to reach every person who comes across their music. As far as our music goes we do nothing just "for show" or for a quick response. We would rather people hate us for who we are and the music we are trying to make then be loved for making music we aren't one hundred percent behind and honest about. We put all we have into each song, lyric, and show and we hope that is something people are drawn to and can relate to.
E: Well thanks a lot for doing the interview.
Ryan: Thank you, we are all big fans of the site. Keep up the good work.