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     interviewed by robby sumner  
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MP3 - "Smoke"
       Interview with James
       December 16th, 2004

James McKenna -
Vocals, Guitar
Frank Dillon - Guitar
Mark Williamson - Bass
Josh Skibar -
E: James, being the vocalist for your band, do you think you've taken on a more active role with fans than the other members?
James: I suppose so. People are a bit more apt to come and talk to me a lot of the time because I am the singer. That being said, I am also the person who handles the bulk of our press and manages our web presence, etc. so I am in the position naturally to handle more of the load.  Plus, I love to talk to meet people so it's fun for me.
E: Do you personally write all the lyrics?
James: Yes sir, I do.
E: How much thought goes into each word of a song?
James: Wow. Well, I guess that depends on the process. Most times my lyrics are stream of consciousness, so not much. It really depends. Some songs have been written and re-written but overall usually not too long at all; if it feels right, I go with it.
E: Does the musical sound of a song usually correlate with the words you write for it?
James: In so much that I will use lyrics that match the mood.  Most times though I have already written lyrics before the song is done.  Or I apply poetry to a song once it's completed.  It's not a process of "this song is aggressive so my lyrics will actually display what I thought of when hearing it."
E: Are you a band that plays a lot of shows?
James: for the last year we did, but now we have slowed it down to focus on pushing our debut: Bending Halos, Dimming Lights. Regional touring which will start in January, and then from there it should be fairly regular for us to be on the road.
E: How important has publicity been to the band lately?
James: Very important.  Sites and zines like yours have really helped us to start getting our name out nationally.  We appreciate the opportunity and find it to be very beneficial. Anything that lets us connect with people is really important to us.  It's all about getting the music out there.  Thank you by the way for helping us out.
E: Aw, shucks. Do you think your most recent CD does a good job of showcasing all that Is To Feel has to offer?
James: Definitely not all, but it's a great introduction to what we are and what you will get live from us.  The CD was tracked live minus vocals and it really helped get the energy across. As for all we have to offer; we are about three weeks away from starting our next EP which will be released in the second quarter of next year, and that should really help explain what we are all about. It's a bit further reaching in terms of styles. We don't want to get pigeonholed into a certain genre because of some of the things we do. We want to define ourselves as a musical entity that exists outside of the current genre current.
E: What accomplishments do you believe best display your success to date?
James: Basically putting out a CD I believe that was tracked without the use of superfluous gadgets and trickery.  We are displaying an honest product through what and honest medium and we are extremely proud of that. Our growth recently within the underground community is pretty startling and appreciated by us as well. I don't know if there is anything I would say we have accomplished, more like "experienced" with the people who are listening to our music. We are all in it together in my eyes.  We definitely haven't sold out Madison Square garden though.
E: So do you think this year will be monumental for the band?
James: It had better be. We are working very hard to have a successful year. We plan on getting out on the road and pushing this release, make a bunch of friends and rock out! It should be great.
E: Thanks a ton for interviewing--anything else you want to say?
James: Yeah, everyone who reads this make sure to check out the band at www.istofeel.com or myspace us at www.myspace.com/istofeel. Get into it, email us, say hi!  Also, thanks to Euphonia for helping us out, we love you guys.