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     interviewed by robby sumner  
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MP3 - "Street-Fighter..."
       Interview with the whole band
       October 22nd, 2004

Derek Alley -
Vocals, Guitar
Scott Siemens - Guitar, Vocals
Evan Senn - Bass
Trever Lockamy - Drums
E: Huxley has been making a subtle impact on the scene and is now a readied cannon ready to make an explosive appearance at any moment... what have been the newest developments with the band?
Scott: First off, you ask hard questions... and second, I think we're headed in a lot more aggressive style of music.
Trever: We've really grown as a band and in turn I think that's leading us in new directions.
Evan: Our style is becoming a little more serious and we are getting a lot more serious about promoting ourselves to anyone who can make it to a show... we really want to get out there and see what people think of what we do.
Derek: We all just seem really excited about the direction music is taking us.
Trever: We've started out writing songs about Wal-Mart, and now we definitely have a more serious tone.
Evan: We started off doing the inevitable joke songs and goofy stuff that bands think they need to do to gain fans... but we learned that if we write what we like to listen to, people in-turn respect you a lot more.
E: What fuels your passion for writing and performing your songs?
Evan: I know when it comes to performing, we really just do what we would like to see our favorite bands do... or shows started off with all of the members standing as still as possible... and then something I think just clicked, and we just started pouring our energy and feelings into what we are playing.
Derek: Not so much writing what I like to listen to but writing what I feel. We all share the same emotion on and off stage about our music.
Scott: It's the feeling of connecting with the rest of the band on stage.
Trever: It use to be when the crowd was in the shows that we were into the shows... but now it doesn't matter if one or one hundred people are at the show--you are still going to get the same performance.
Evan: Being up on stage is just such a great outlet from the usual day-to-day grind... when you're on stage, you aren't your "job" or a "student"... so it's nice to really take advantage of being able to do whatever you want.
E: How far have you all been hoping the band will take you as individuals?
Trever: I just finished high school. I'm not sure how I should answer that.
Evan: I'd love to go as far as our talent can take us... but really, how far it takes us is up to everyone else but us. But I know that all of us are ready to go as far as we can.
Derek: Just from meeting more experienced bands on the road I have become more humble. Just as long as I can happily write music I'm where I want to be.
Evan: I agree with Derek... we've seen some of the best bands on the road, who know they will never "break-big" or get signed... but they are perfectly happy. If that's how my life turns out, I'll die happy.
Derek: I'm not completely satisfied with where we are right now. I'd like to have more of an audience, but I think we're headed in the right direction.
E: Are you closely observing the paths of more established bands when considering the direction of your own?
Evan: I'm sure I speak for all of us when I say that we always listen to suggestions and comments other bands have to say...but we all take a great pride in doing things our own way.
Derek: Financially, I've learned how to get more money for the buck from bigger bands, but musically I'd like to consider our stuff our own.
Scott: I know I'm always watching for how bands handle the business side.
Evan: Although I do make a point to get bands we meet to provide one suggestion that they all agree is their band's best advice or "wisdom."
Trever: I'm always open for suggestions and I like hearing what they've learned from their experiences, but we're not afraid to do it ourselves.
E: How would you compare the outcome of your latest release to the sound you think your band currently possesses? Is it an accurate portrayal?
Scott: I'm glad you asked, because I feel that our latest release, which was May of 2004, is already an out-dated example of our music.
Derek: Our latest release seems like we were still catching up to the times, but I feel we're
pushing boundaries with our new material.
Evan: Well on our last release we were a lot simpler and had a very predictable... although I am still proud of that CD, our newer songs have an edgier sound that I hope really sparks interest and some new fans
Trever: The portrayal is not accurate at all, I think we've grown more in the past couple months than we have in the last few years.
E: Do you expect to undergo even more change over the next year?
Evan: I always hope to keep changing... a band that stops changing, I think, is just trying to capitalize on some that worked once... if  any band tries to keep everything fresh and new, there is a much greater chance for a longer-haul. On the same note, however, a band should never change into a carbon-copy of what is "the next big thing", because that is what makes a band void of any hint of originality.
Trever: I think we'll always be changing, hopefully for the better.
Scott: I think change is a must and I think for our band it is inevitable.
E: Well good luck to you all--thanks for interviewing.
Evan: Thank you so much for time... we all really like what your doing... good luck.