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     interviewed by robby sumner  
Band Website
Label - Victory Records
MP3 - "Ohio Is For Lovers"
       Interview with Eron
       September 3rd, 2004

JT Woodruff -
Vocals, Guitar
Casey Calvert - Guitar
Micah Carli - Guitar
Matt Ridenour - Bass
Eron Bucciarelli - Drums
E: Hawthorne Heights has been growing quickly in its popularity on the scene... to what do you attribute the success you've had recently?
Eron: A lot of touring and great publicity from Victory!
E: Has the band become "less fun, more business" for you at all?
Eron: Fortunately, it�s still very fun and not too much business right now. The business is a necessary evil that you have to deal with in order to have fun.
E: Do you think that the beginning of your involvement with Victory Records changed the way you see yourselves as a band?
Eron: Yes, definitely. When we signed with Victory we stopped seeing ourselves as a band that tours regionally on the weekends and occasionally on vacations, but now as a professional band. We quit our jobs to focus all of our attention on playing music. This is all we do now.
E: Would you describe your band as one that sounds better live than on the album?
Eron: I think things are definitely more energetic live--whether that's better or not is up to the listener.
E: When you play live shows, do you ever get the impression that there are people in the crowd who have specific songs in mind that they hope you'll play?
Eron: Yes, and they tell us which ones they want to hear. Usually it's "Ohio Is For Lovers," but we definitely get other requests.
E: Do you believe that a successfully booked tour is one that takes you as far from home as possible?
Eron: No, not at all. To me a successfully booked tour is one that is booked in good venues and is well-promoted. You can go as far away from home, but if you're playing to only two people a night, the tour wasn't that great. If you're only playing a few hours away from home to three hundred people a night... that's a good tour.
E: How much time do you usually get to spend doing things entirely unrelated to the band?
Eron: About five to seven hours a day when I'm sleeping. I'd say I get to make a few personal phone calls a day, too, but most of my time is consumed by the band.
E: Does the band usually eat together when on the road?
Eron: Most of the time. Sometimes we'll all go to different fast food places and meet back at the van to eat.
E: Who usually comes on a tour besides the musicians?
Eron: Right now the only other person we bring with us is our merch guy, which up until recently was a different friend from home every tour. Now our merch guy is our friend Dan.
E: Do you think that the education you receive in school lends anything to your success as a musician?
Eron: Definitely. I graduated college with a degree in communications and marketing and I definitely put those skills to use creating our press kit which we sent to labels, and I use them every day as I interact with fans, do interviews, and communicate with our manager and label.
E: What philosophies has the band taken when it comes to making music as a band?
Eron: We're very much a democratic band. Everyone brings in ideas and we play around with them until everyone is happy with the finished result. No one person controls the songwriting.
E: Well thanks a lot for doing the interview!
Eron: Thank you for giving us an interview!