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So, this will be updated in a little while with more details on our work and
all that good stuff, but for now, just know that Euphonia Online has a
Designs Division that can be thought of as a good thought to consider when
choosing a designer. Services can include logo/identity design, photo manipulation,
web design, album artwork, merch design, simple splash pages for websites,
etc. etc. etc.
We work on a very grand sliding scale, so it's difficult to name numbers--
we try hard to make our prices fit where the band's at and how much money
is available. Just go ahead and hit us up online or e-mail us and we'll see
what we can work out--we'll give you a sample "sketch" of what you want done
at no cost to you, and you can decide if you want us to go all the way with it.
[email protected] or IM xEuphoniax
to inquire after services.