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     interviewed by robby sumner  
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MP3 - "1000 Words"
       Interview with Jeff
       September 6th, 2004

Adrian Day -
George Coutretsis - Guitar, Vocals
Stevie Podgorski - Guitar
Jeff Pagliocca - Bass, Vocals
Doug Levin -
E: Burning Bright has been hitting the scene hard from Chicago with a powerfully emotional feel to its songs... how much would you say your career has heightened over the past year?
Jeff: We have been under constant line-up changes, so the last year up until recently has been a roller coaster. Now with a line-up nailed down, the last couple months we have been actively playing and traveling. We have been working hard and have been picking up speed every week. So to be honest, it was kind of night-and-day--we are gaining more of a fan base and concentrating on touring� it's actually moved pretty fast.
E: What sort of tours are planned for the near future?
Jeff: September 13th we begin the first of five shows with good friends Hawthorne Heights, as well as Bayside, to the East Coast. We�re also planning to tour for the month of January with Southcott. In between those two, I know we'll stay pretty busy.
E: How do you think touring helps out a band in the long run?
Jeff: It will make or break a band�s success. You have to get out there and take your licks early on. The shows may not always be great, but playing in new places and meeting new kids lays the groundwork for the future. You can't beat getting out on the road--there's nothing like playing new cities every night and building new relationships. In our case, we are relatively new, so that's why we are gone as often as possible, kick-starting this thing.
E: Would you say you all have similar goals for the future of the band?
Jeff: Absolutely--everyone's on the same page. We all want to write great music and have as many people hear it as possible. We work as hard as possible to ensure that very soon we will be making music and touring full-time for as long as we can make it last. 
E: Who would you say are the principle songwriters of the group?
Jeff: As far as musically, I bring in the basic idea of the song to the rest of the guys. From there, we use everyone�s input to create our rock anthems. As far as lyrics are concerned, Adrian is the man; I�ve tried to offer my two cents in the past, but, no dice. .. that was kind of a joke....
E: Do you believe your songs to be lyrically diverse?
Jeff: Definitely. Adrian does a great job covering different levels of personal relationships. He�s got a real good way of defining the music with different facets all the time.
E: Out of all the various places a band could be starting out of, how content are you with being based in Chicago?
Jeff: It's the best city ever. Lots of good punk rock history. Lots of good people who play all sorts of music. The venues and the scene are always great, it just gets a little windy out here...
E: What are the band's current living conditions?
Jeff: Adrian, George, and Doug live in the city; Steve and I live in the suburbs--me with my beautiful wife.
E: Does being married put any sort of strain on the band? How about the band--does it hurt the marriage?
Jeff: You'd think it would put a strain on the band, and I was worried early on about possible effects to both parties. But I have the most supportive girl in the world who does everything she can for us and is involved on a regular basis. I obviously want to spend as much time as I can with everybody. We practice an awful lot so we sometimes we miss each other during the week. That�s why I buy her flowers almost everyday... wait, when I say every day I mean once a month.
E: So you're pretty happy with how life is going right now?
Jeff: My life is incredible. I am happily married and I am playing music with great friends as well as great musicians. I know I�m very fortunate, so that's why I�m so dead-set on getting the most from this whole journey. We�ll never give up... so get used to having us around.
E: Have you thought about what you hope to accomplish next?
Jeff: Our goal right now is to find the right label for us. Ideally, we're planning on releasing our first record in the next couple of months, so we're spending a lot of time working on a good fit.
E: Thanks for being such an enjoyable interview--any final words?
Jeff: Thanks a ton for having me! Everybody else, check us out at burningbrightmusic.com. See you soon!