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     interviewed by robby sumner  
Band Website
Label - Fearless Records
MP3 - "IO"
       Interview with Jonathon
       October 14th, 2004

Jonathon Newby -
Vocals, Keyboard
Aaron Smith - Guitar
Eric Johnson - Guitar
Benjamin Hunt - Bass
James Sefchek - Drums
Nic Newby -
E: Brazil has been making a huge impact lately with its CD A Hostage and the Meaning of Life, out now on Fearless Records... what musical elements do you think that the group has that would be hard to find among the many other bands out there?
Jonathon: The 'songcraft' sensibility--i.e. knowing when enough is enough, knowing how to say something with musical sounds rather than strictly, words, etc.
E: How anxious were you to get this CD recorded and released?
Jonathon: Very anxious. We wrote it over the course of two years and demoed it three times. It was a long time coming.
E: Do you think that when the album was first put out, there was already a somewhat large following of fans ready and waiting to pick it up?
Jonathon: I wouldn't say there was a huge following. Maybe a couple thousand kids who had their ears perked up. I believe the new record hit a lot of people unawares.
E: How has your current tour with Emery, Name Taken and From First to Last helped to extend your fanbase?
Jonathon: We have already hit a lot of the same places on Warped Tour and previous tours, so it has been a good way to go in and reinforce what we did. Play to some kids in a not so impersonal setting.
E: Were you looking forward to the start of this tour?
Jonathon: I was really looking forward to the all-inclusive thoroughness of it. We have really hit everywhere and it was nice to see the country and have a good gauge on how we're doing all over.
E: Would you call Brazil a band that has a relatively inconsistent sound among the songs on its albums and live sets?
Jonathon: No, we try very hard to make sure the live set sounds as close to the record as possible. We�ve even had live saxophone on metropol for some shows.
E: How do fan reactions differ live based on what songs you play?
Jonathon: People usually go pretty crazy for "IO" and "Escape." "Hostage" is usually a pretty good one too for singing along. People seem to know a good deal of our songs now, so the reactions are usually pretty strong throughout the whole set.
E: What are the more prominent inspirations and themes behind the art you create?
Jonathon: The unattainable, quiet desperation, blue periods, alchemy .
E: Are there any distinct differences between the terms "artist" and "musician"?
Jonathon: Yes. You can be a musician and not be an artist, much like a painter can either paint houses or paint canvasses.
E: Thanks a lot for answering the questions. Any other things you think you want to get said?
Jonathon: www.braziltheband.com. Please go.