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     interviewed by robby sumner  
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       Interview with Jason
       November 7th, 2004

Jason Haneman -
Alex Yerks - Guitar
Dave Salerno - Guitar
Chris Garnett - Bass
Shamus Murphy -
E: Jason has a captivatingly intense sound from New York... do you ever worry about isolating listeners? After all, some bands are notorious for finding that "middle" sound that appeals to the greater masses.
Jason: No matter what we want to sound like, as soon as practice starts, all the "want" goes out the window and we write what we feel like. If you think we're intense now, wait until our new tracks hit, hopefully around Christmas.
E: Would you call your style the typical melding-of-influences?
Jason: No. We all listen to different music, but we never bring it to practice when we're writing. On an unspoken level, maybe, but we've never taken outside influence and specifically molded any of our songs accordingly. Everyone's musical background will reflect in the music, of course. But we're not specifically trying to be any sort of special hybrid. Like I said, we just play what we think sounds good.
E: When the band first formed, were there plans to record right away?
Jason: Well... you could say that. We never planned out when we were going to record. We were writing some really lame music and playing shows "sometimes," and one day we all sort of sat down and said "we need some real music so we can get serious." We were playing originally as just some friends who wanted to write together, but that was the turning point where we decided to get serious about thing. So instead of throwing songs down one after another we took some time and wrote our first "real" song--by real, I mean not lousy--which ended up being "Beginning of Change," hence the title.
E: So has the band pretty much been a moment-to-moment thing? Or are there set plans?
Jason: Well for a while it was moment-to-moment. Not so much lately. We are all rock solid on making this our lives from now on.
E: Have there been a lot of risks so far involved with that plan?
Jason: Well, of the five of us, only two of us have health insurance. That's a risk since Alex harms himself every 9 minutes.
E: So shows get pretty wild?
Jason: Well, we come out of each show with a few new battle scars usually. As far as the crowd is concerned, people like to move for us, which for me is the best part of any live show. However, we really hate the new trend among some people at shows to randomly beat on the person next to them. It's garbage, and when we see it we do anything we can to put a stop to it. You're bound to take a few accidental shots at any show but when people are throwing elbows at people intentionally it gets us heated.
E: Has the band had a chance to travel?
Jason: Not yet. If things work out, that'll be happening in December.
E: So it sounds like this Christmas will be a pretty busy time for the band.
Jason: You could say that.
E: Do you ever worry that once the band becomes entirely full-time, your family and social lives will take a hit?
Jason: Nah. I really don't foresee time being a problem. 
E: Are there other passions you guys all have that you will have to set band time aside for?
Jason: I can't speak for anyone else but I will have to say video games. As far as I am concerned.
E: What are you most looking forward to?
Jason: Touring. Touring. And Touring.
E: Do you have high expectations for your first tour?
Jason: Eh, I don't expect things to be perfect, but I know that things will be fun. That's all I really care about.
E: That should do it--thanks, man.
Jason: Sweet deal. No problem.