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     interviewed by robby sumner  
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Label - The Militia Group
MP3 - "Alchohol and Oxygen"
       Interview with Justin
       October 10th, 2004

Sean-Paul Pillsworth -
Bill Manly - Guitar
Mike Cashen - Bass
Justin Meyer -
E: Anadivine is a band from New York that produces a unique and heart stopping sound that has been proven worthy of adding the band to the Militia Group's roster. Your album Zoo was just released a few weeks ago--would you call this record the crowning achievement of your career to date?
Justin: Yes, we are all very proud of this record. We spent a lot of time perfecting it and we are pleased with the result.
E: What sort of effect does the release of a new album have on an active band?
Justin: More touring beyond anything else.
E: Is this a release you'd been anticipating for a while now?
Justin: Yes. We wrote ninety-five percent of the record from September 2003 to January 2004. We recorded the record February 2004. We mixed the record June 2004 and then had it mastered right after. The record came out September 21, 2004, so this was a year in the making.
E: How much do you think was counting on this album being a success?
Justin: I really don't think anyone has even thought about that. Everyone at Militia and in this band just hopes for the best.
E: Have a lot of shows been played since the release?
Justin: We just got done doing a quick northeast tour around the records release. We leave for a full national tour October 20th with Dead Poetic and Acceptance.
E: When do you think is the most important time for a band to be on the road touring?
Justin: Whenever possible.
E: Do you feel most comfortable playing shows on the East Coast, a location closer to home?
Justin: Not really. It's all the same to us now.
E: How would you describe the band's transition from SideCho Records to the Militia Group?
Justin: Very smooth. James Cho of SideCho also works at Militia. The moving from label to label was planned out from the start, so everyone was prepared.
E: Do you think that the future of the band looks brighter than you'd ever predicted?
Justin: Yes. The EP is selling great and now our full length is as well. We really couldn't ask for more right now.
E: So just how excited are you for the next year or two of Anadivine?
Justin: Very excited. In one year we have had two records released. I can't wait to see what the next year has in store.
E: Well, thanks a whole lot for answering these questions!