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     interviewed by robby sumner  
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Label - Indianola Records
MP3 - "Saving Seats"
       Interview with Steve, Jarrod, Zak, and Josh
       October 6th, 2004

Steve Taylor -
Jarrod Smith - Guitar
Zak Towe - Guitar
Josh Dycus - Bass
Drew Miller -
E: Across Five Aprils has been making some awesome for a good amount of time now... would you call the band one that has definitely been around the musical block once or twice? Or are you still somewhat inexperienced, relatively?
Steve: We've been around the block once... not twice, but we've definitely been around it.
Josh: As a band we are still creating--and always will be--our style of music as we develop individually... musically, personally, etc.... to the band we want to represent. So we are still "heading around the block" in that sense, I guess you could say.
Jarrod: As far as touring, I think we're still very inexperienced. There's still a million places I want to see... a million people I want to meet... and a million memories I want to have. Musically, we're still progressing, and I hope we always are. I never want to be stuck to one type of thing. Unfortunately, there are a lot of states and cities we have yet to play. My hope is to soon be able to be able to experience different places than what I already have.
Josh: There is always room for more improvement.
Zak: Over the years we have had some different members, so I think with the line-up that we have now, we're still trying new stuff--trying to find what fits.
E: Has your success been steadily escalating since the band was started? Or are there ups and downs?
Josh: There are definitely ups and downs... it's not a constant "up, up, up"--ideally that'd be perfect, but realistically, it just doesn't happen, really. I mean, we aren't just, like, falling down or anything, but it has its bumps along the way.
Zak: Well since I've been in the band since the beginning... I think that it's been steadily escalating in the past two years. But with member changes and breaks from playing, it's hard to tell.
Steve: There have definitely been times when the success has leveled out since the beginning in '01, but other than those times it has been a steady progression up in regards to popularity, respect, musical maturity, and overall band progress.
Josh: Steve said it best.
E: As you've been playing for longer as an established band, are there certain hardships that become less of an issue?
Zak: Um... I think in this band we've always had the same issues, like having merch, transportation...
Jarrod: I think it becomes a lot easier to get shows, but other than that, everything else stays the same.
Steve: There are hardships that become less hard, but for every one that becomes less hard, there are two to replace it that are even harder... if that makes sense. The only thing that keeps us going is the fact that with more popularity comes more satisfaction to outweigh the hardships.
E: Do you believe that a band can be successful while remaining, for the most part, within the boundaries of its home state?
Josh: Depends on how successful they want to get. Personally, no.
Zak: I would have to say no. You can only get so popular that way.
Jarrod: If by "successful" you mean that they are able to pay bills and take care of other financial responsibilities, then no.
Josh: Self-satisfaction in what I'm doing... that would be my definition of successful, and staying within your home state just wouldn't be enough for me.
Steve: Yes, they can be successful, but on an obviously more local level. The more a band branches out with regards to playing shows... expanding territory, basically... the more optimum success potential they have. If a band is good enough and has smart enough people working for them with enough connections, they can become superstars without every even playing a show out of their hometown, much less state.
E: Are you just as proud of your older material as you are of newer songs?
Zak: Oh yeah.... I'm not too proud of the songs that nobody's heard. But that's why nobody has heard them.
Josh: I'm the new guy. I didn't have anything to do with the older full-length, much less to do with the new EP... *Laughs* But I was there for the writing process of the EP. And I'd say that I am prouder, and I like the new stuff better.
Jarrod: I didn't have anything to do with the older songs, but as a musician contrasting the two, I think the new stuff is written a lot better. I think with the new stuff, we tried to establish ourselves as songwriters, not just as band with pretty parts then some breakdowns.
Steve: Older material always seems to get, well... "old" to the bands that are playing the songs, but it helps to realize that there will be people at every show that are hearing the songs for the first time. But with that said, I am much more proud of the new material because I feel it's a much better representation of what Across Five Aprils is now.  Besides, if you don't think your newer material is better than your older material, then you're not progressing.
E: What do you hope to accomplish over the next few months?
Zak: Get out of debt.
Jarrod: I want to make good grades in my classes.
Josh: As far as the band... become financially stable. Get out of debt. As for my personal life... pass my classes, keep the HOPE scholarship, and attain a lot of money. *Laughs*
Steve: I hope to write more new, fun material, and I also hope to sign a deal to prestigious label.
Josh: I like Steve's answer.
Zak: Me as well.
E: Well, thanks for interviewing, and best of luck.
Steve: Thanks.
Josh: Yeah, thanks Robby.